3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects

I have fallen in love with a new site called Makers Kit and I’m so lucky they are sharing 3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects with you today.


I think you all know how much I LOVE easy but WOW crafts! The great guys at Makers Kit agreed to share 3 quick creative tutorials with you! They thought the TCB readers would LOVE their stuff and I have to agree.

They also just launched their project kits that scream “I’m Hip & Creative!”. 3 DIY Projects from MakersKit.com | TodaysCreativeBlog.net I think you’ll also agree that these kits are adorable…….perfect for gift giving or gift making.



Three fun and easy DIY

DIY Lamp Shade

Materials // Lamp Shade // Spray Paint //
Spray Glue // Masking Tape or Stencils (Lace)


{1} Create a stencil using either masking
tape or found objects like leaves or lace.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects

{2} Use a light dusting of spray glue to attach
high detail designs like lace.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | TodaysCreativeBlog.net

{3} Start with a light coat of spray paint.
Repeat until desired finish is reached.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | MakersKit.com for TodaysCreativeBlog.net


Use caution when using spray paint. Use an outdoor space that
is well ventilated, use a mask, eye protection, covered work space,
and follow instructions on the label.

Rose Lettuce Stamp

Materials // Lettuce // Paints // Card
Stock // Newspaper // Optional: Envelopes, Sponges, Scissors


{1} Lay Newspaper over work surface and
cut the end off a head of romaine lettuce. Use the end normally
thrown away.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | MakersKit.com for TodaysCreativeBlog.net

{2} Dip into paint and press firmly over
card stock or envelopes, much like a stamp.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | MakersKit.com for TodaysCreativeBlog.net

{3} Cut additional shapes for leaves out of
a sponge.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | MakersKit.com for TodaysCreativeBlog.net

Options and Ideas

Use fabric paints to print on t-shirts,
pillowcases, and tote bags.

Slim Cork Board

Materials // Wine Corks // Scrap
Wood // Nail or Drill // Pliers // Wire

{1} Pierce holes
in the center of each cork with a long nail or

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | MakersKit.com for TodaysCreativeBlog.net

{2} Push wire into each cork and tightly wrap
around a piece of scrap wood.

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects | MakersKit.com for TodaysCreativeBlog.net

Have fun and check out their DIY Project Kits!

They also have fun DIY videos on You Tube……..they are adorable.

Don’t you wish they had a book?  They DO!!!  They’ve got a new book full of easy DIY projects. I like Cheap & Easy crafts! Don’t you?

3 Fun & Easy DIY Projects by Makers Kit | TodaysCreativeBlog.net

“A California based company created by Mike Stone and Jawn McQuade, expert Makers.
We love getting our hands dirty, creating unique projects and turning our best ideas into complete project kits.
We’ve helped thousands of people make exciting projects, having fun and leaning new skills along the way.”
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This was not a sponsored post. I just like to see people succeed and I was feeling nice. 


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