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Once upon a time a young girl (me) moved to the city and started working at an athletic club teaching fitness classes and selling memberships.  At this club she met some nice people, some mean people, some odd people and some really really funny people.  Lots of people.  One person (Aaron) who just happened to work the same shift and who also had the same wicked sense of humor helped keep this new city girl entertained.  He, his girlfriend and I had more fun that summer imitating the guy on the rowing machine, outsmarting an irritating co-worker or cutting up snicker bars and calling them truffles.  Too bad I didn’t know I was crafty then, because I could have learned a few things from Aaron.  I knew he was creative………and I am SO proud of how he has built his creative business, raised an amazing family and built a strong marriage to one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met…….although she has NO idea how pretty she is……….I love humble women.

Aaron Christensen – Embellishments Kids

As I was starting to flip through my FFF (future feature file) to write, I happened to catch Aaron whining on Facebook about how he had no followers on his new blog…….poor Aaron.  What’s a creative guy to do?  Well good thing he has friends (me) in bloggy places who has many readers who need their daily creative fix.  Go surprise him……

Anyhoo……Aaron has his own company designing rooms, art, etc….  You name it, he can do it.  He recently had a beautiful party for his daughter.  I have a feeling all events at Aaron’s house are over the top…..even if his daughter wanted “just a party” this year. He’s used to doing everything with a theme…….his daughter didn’t want a theme……..is she crazy?  :)

I love how he makes the table setting from colorful paper plates.  Festive but so practical.All the fabric……the draping…….love it.  Do you think he’d come decorate my table for Thanksgiving?  I’ll have the WHOLE brood here and I want it to look good!  Aaron good.

Aaron’s day job……one of them is to help people design rooms.  He recently did this dental office.  WOW!  First here’s the sketch up he did.  He also just had a contest to win a kids bedroom redesign………why I didn’t submit my son’s room, I’ll never know!Then here’s the completed dental office.  So amazing.  I’d love to go there myself.

Why don’t they have prize shelves for adults?  Seriously……..I think it would be a hit.  Fill it with scented candles, nail polish, candy……sugar free of course.

Aaron is so good, he even has had his art for sale in Target………..you know you’ve made it when Target buys your stuff.   You can view all his art and even buy it on his regular website.  I love his style…..And now that he’s famous and all…..I’m glad he remembers me……even though I’m not on his Christmas Card list (my girlfriend is)…….I’m on his facebook after all.  :)

This volume one is SO Aaron………….And for all you sport fans……..perfect for a boys room or even a rec room.

I wanna know what kitchen this is in………I’d love to see the rest of the house.

Since Aaron was whining so much about not having any readers for his new blog………go surprise him. Tell him Kim, his old “aerobic instructor friend” sent you.



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  1. Erika M says

    This is one interesting story and you are right that you have so many bloggy friends – I will definitely stop and by and say hello and tell him that you sent me.

  2. Tara says

    Wow Target! that’s look great on a resume. 😀 And yeah, I think Thanksgiving would TASTE better with Aaron’s help!. :)

  3. Marian H says

    What a talented young man. You can be sure I’ll hot foot it over there to check out his work. Thanks for hooking us up.

  4. Jordan says

    Are you kidding me? I want to this guy to draw something up for my house. I can only imagine what the rest of his house looks like! WOW!!!

  5. michelleb. says

    I really want the party decorations for me! Love the pom-poms draped from above and around the black chandelier!

  6. Cat says

    Thanks for unselfishly sharing and promoting your friends designs. They are beautiful and so are yours!

  7. EFY says

    How sweet of you to encourage your friend, Aaron. We all need friends who believe in us when we feel a little “shaky.” I’ll pop over and visit Aaron’s blog. May you both have many readers that delight you.


  8. andreea says

    Hy, I was just wondering….
    Can I have all that plus you?
    I”m kidding …but you’re still a very lovely person, you inspire me to create my own pieces of art.
    Thank you for that.

  9. Vikki says

    Love love love what Aaron can do. I have an Aaron too, but he is an almost orthodontist. Anyway he could make use of the dental redo. Very talented and love your site, just found it. Thanks.

  10. says

    I am in awe of that Dentist’s office, how cool is that! BTW Kim, I love the A list page, it’s so handy and I’m glad you used the thumbnails. It’s so fun to scroll through and be inspired! I already wasted an hour going through and visiting previous features. So much for making dinner in a timely fashion!

  11. Sat Anlage says

    awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer