Activities for Kids

It’s finally Summer here in the Pacific NW.  So don’t even mutter the words “back to school”!  Not yet.

You need a variety of indoor or outdoor Summer Activities for kids. Things to keep them entertained indoors while it ‘s either raining or too hot and things to keep them busy when they can play outside. Like you needed me to tell you that, but I may be able to give a few new ideas.

Water Toys

water toysI’ve seen these before and I’m thinking they would be perfect for the water fights my son has with friends.  Inexpensive, easy to make…….and fun to play with.  Sounds good to me.  AND it’s not shaped like a weapon.  Sigh.  (losing battle……no pun intended)

Mom Endeavors

Sara with Mom Endeavors has a variety of creative ideas for mom’s.  Sara’s a sweetie.  I met her in April at Creative Estates.  Always a smile on her face.   A biology teacher by trade, she has passed on her teaching skills to her young sons. home school zoo lessons I love this zoo idea and thought many of you with little ones would too.  I would SO be doing this if my son was small.  She has a tutorial and more instructions on her site.

I was also impressed by Train party.  Not only did she make imaginary tracks running through the house, but she made the cutest train cake.  No worries…….she’s got a lot more information on how she did it on her site too.  Adorable.train them birthday

Sara gets an A+ for making life fun and a learning experience for her little ones.  If the internet has been good for anything, it’s been brilliant at showing mom’s how to do these Muffin Tin Meals.  Seriously……What kid isn’t going to sample something from every section?  I’m sure I would have just placed different foods in each….but she bumps it up a notch with making art from the food.  Do her boys know how spoiled they are?

And for the adults…….Grilled Cake with Berries.  Now we’re talkin!  Great summer dessert.bbq cakeShe also has a few crafty things for us adults too.  You all know I love recycling.  She makes gift bows from magazine pages.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  This could be gift bowsIf you’re in the throws of  being a mom, you’re going to find all kinds of things to enjoy on Sara’s site.  She’s heading to BlogHer, so let’s all leave her a few comments to really make her day……best day of her life. :)

While writing this feature she ended up having a new design installed! Love it!


I’ve been a little addicted to Stumble lately.  I’m slow to the party.  I haven’t tried Pintrest yet, or Google+……..not yet.  But I do like Stumble.  Feel free to stumble any of my posts.  There is a stumble button you can just click, but you have to hit comments first.  Gotta change that.

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  1. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    Yay!!! How fun–“the best day of my life” and what I am going to do now?! Go to Disneyland! Haha….seriously we leave tonight!
    You absolutely made my day! :) Thank you SO much for such a sweet feature!!!

  2. nik says

    Thanks for the link. I found some great photo tips, really helpful info on creative focusing. Cheers!

  3. says

    I love those muffin tin meals. My son is sooooo fussy so I’m always trying new ways to get him to eat different things. I’ll give this attractive layout idea a go and see if that helps. Maybe if I get him to help prepare it, that’ll inspire him to try some of the new things I sneak in!