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This is a long post………but you’re gonna want to read it.  Trust me.

You know when you meet someone and you instantly feel comfortable? That’s the way I felt when I met Amy at The Creative Connection. I was charmed! I was asked to attend TCC as a Social Media “corespondent”. My job was to gather information, have fun with Laurie (tip junkie) and Cindy (skip to my lou), tweet, have a twitter party, take a few videos, have more fun with Cindy and Laurie. It was a great time!
Well in one of the first panels we were “covering”, we got there early because we’re so professional……we saw a group of rather hip women gathered all chatting. We figured quickly they must be the gals on the panel.amy baraickman While admiring all the different styles, Cindy leaned over and said “get a pic of that gal in the vintage jumper”.So I did……because I always do everything Cindy says. It was SO cute! As well as the person wearing it. Well that person was Amy Barickman.And little did I know we’d be chattin up a storm at a cocktail party later. What a SWEET SWEET person.Very Charming indeed.indygo junction
I knew she was talented because she had a book out……..and I figured it was all on sewing…… I didn’t worry too much about getting a book, since I didn’t sew. Well SHUT THE DOOR MABLE………It’s more than sewing……and I recently found out she is also the creator of the Vintage Workshop CDs.vintage clipart cd
Images from The Vintage Workshop and NOW I know her!!!I. HAVE. EVERY. ONE! I love them. I wish I would have known that then. But probably best I didn’t……I may have kissed her or knocked her over with the excitement fans have. She would have thought I was a nut case……hopefully she didn’t think that anyway.tree skrit amy barickman
Well, I got to do an interview with her!
ME: 1. First of all, I LOVE your style.  I met you at The Creative Connection and my media partner and I were admiring your dress before one of the panels you spoke on.  She even had me take your photo without you knowing.  Do you have a favorite place you like to shop for vintage fabrics?
AMY: First off, thank you for the dress comment. That’s very flattering. My style has always been influenced and inspired by the talented artists and designers I collaborate with. Whether it be jewelry or clothing, I love to wear it, share it and sell it!! The dress I had on was one of Mary Ann Dozes patterns, Mod Top and Tunic I believe. Here is the link to the Mod Top and Tunic pattern (actually she wore a dress to the cocktail party from this pattern) As to fabrics, the obvious places are antique malls, estate sales, etc. I’ve found some wonderful fabrics there. One place that people may not have considered are quilting & sewing expos. Often, there are vintage fabric dealers that bring in some wonderful bolts and samples.
ME:  2. Are you a collector of all things vintage?
AMY: My collecting of vintage items is more of an addiction really. I’m obsessed by all things vintage. I love the thrill of the find and of taking it a step further by translating a vintage item into a modern product. Then, of course,  I have to share it all…the find, the process, the product. I love having a blog to share it all on.I’ve also worked quite hard at integrating my obsession and my businesses too! Why not kill two birds with one stone? I am always searching for practical and functional items that could become great Indygo Junction patterns. For example, aprons are always on my list when I am out hunting. Another example would be children’s books with wonderful line art, many of which have been sourced for embroidery books like “A Stitch in Time with Mother Goose.” I’m also always looking for ideas for my fabric line with Red Rooster.  My most recent vintage obsession is the Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences and it’s founder, Mary Brooks Picken. Years ago, I fell in love with the vintage artwork on the pages of their instructional books and newsletters. Once I started reading the essays and content, I knew my mission was to write a book to preserve, honor and share the story of this amazing woman and her institution. This is what produced my latest book “Vintage Notions.” Mary and The Institute not only taught a variety of home arts and the joy that can be found in everyday activities, they also were extremely focused on encouraging women’s entrepreneurism. They believed that anyone could turn talent into a means to improve your economic situation. “Sewing for Profit”, an Institute title, is the title of one of my most treasured books in my collection.
ME: 3. You’re the brain child behind Indygo Junction. Can you explain what people will find there?
AMY: Indygo Junction is a pattern and book publishing company. We offer a wide range of patterns and books, most of which we publish in-house. We deal in all sorts of techniques – quilting, sewing & embroidery. Two books we recently published, “Buttonware” and “Hankie Style,” are focused on two of my favorite vintage collections! We are also planning to expand Indygo’s offerings, adding many more of the products and supplies related to the patterns we publish. As well, a blog will be launching soon on so be sure to sign up for our enews to be kept in the loop on all things Indygo Junction.
ME: 4. Do you make most of your clothing?
AMY: Surprisingly, I currently do not make any of it. Maybe someday…but right now it’s mostly about finding the time. I have two elementary age children and any extra hours I have are spent with them. I do still sew, but it’s almost exclusively with my eight-year old daughter. Recently, we worked on a pillow. She even mentioned last night that she would like to make her own clothes. I am hoping she continues to interested in sewing as I think it is a wonderful distraction from all of the technology in her life, not to mention the self-esteem it builds!When I wear Indygo Junction patterns, like the Mod Top or my other favorite, the Over the Top Tunic, I usually have the designer make up a sample for me.The fun part is choosing great fabrics. This season has the best selection of fabrics for fashion sewing that I have seen in the market in my 20 years in the biz.
ME: 5. What is your favorite thing to make right now?
AMY: This year, I have been focused on Christmas Ornaments, making some with my kids to give as gifts. Last week we made stacked button ornaments – a reindeer and snowman. This past week I found another fun idea at a local antique mall that uses wooden spools. I’m hoping I can try those out soon and post on my blog before Christmas.
ME: 6. What are you hoping people will take away from reading your latest book?
AMY: On a creative level, I hope that “Vintage Notions” inspires people to bring more beauty and enjoyment into their everyday activities. I hope it encourages folks to seek joy in simplest of activities – like arranging flowers or setting a pretty table. Also I hope it inspires people to embrace some of the vintage activities like sewing and embroidery. Go out and try something new!I also hope that the book moves people to reflect upon Mary Brooks Picken’s everyday philosophy for life. Throughout, I have shared it via her essays in each chapter. A peer of Mary’s described Mary’s philosophy and teachings as “Living a contented and gracious life.” I would hope this for everyone.Finally, I hope that “Vintage Notions” will encourage women, as The Institute did, to build communities around the domestic arts & share with friends the joys they find thru the home arts. When The Institute was at its peak, Institute Clubs were chartered across the country. I hope “Vintage Notions” could encourage that kind of activity. I also hope the book is a catalyst for woman to make new friends through their creativity. We’ve heard through our retailers that many women are buying an additional copy to give as a gift. This is the perfect way to start or nurture a community of creativity and the home arts.
I hope you all enjoyed Amy’s interview!


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  1. Kelly B says

    What an interesting interview! Thanks for giving us the chance to learn more about Amy … fascinating! I can hardly wait to try some of her ideas!

  2. says

    I love that in a time when life it getting so “virtual” with computers, rather than hands on, that there are people out there that are reintroducing us to the domestic arts. I would love a copy of this book. Whether I am chosen or not thank you for introducing it and Amy to me.


  3. Linda Kernodle says

    I have used several Indigo Junction patterns, and loved them. Would love to win a copy of this book.

  4. EFY says

    What a fun interview! I must say, many of the patterns you’ve shown look a LOT like patterns I sewed for myself “back in the day.” I’ve got to get over to Amy’s site and enjoy!


  5. Lindsay says

    We just got this book in at our library and I was browsing it the other day. I’d love to win a copy of my own!

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    Oh how cute – all of it!!! I love crafty stuff and this book seems like the perfect excuse to indulge myself :-)

    amber (

  7. Arlene says

    Thanks, Kim, for featuring Amy’s book. I LOVE vintage and use lots of vintage buttons on my handmade hats.

  8. Kim McM says

    I didn’t know that the Vintage Workshop and Indygo Junction were the creations of the same people. I love her style too!

  9. Melinda says

    Loved the interview. I like her patterns and designs. I have a couple of her crafting patterns and also some of her art cd’s. So very creative!

  10. taradara says

    I would love to win this giveaway!
    I looked and looked at her book at the Creative Connection and just didn’t get it … maybe this is why, the possibility of winning it!

  11. Denise says

    This would be a great book to explore with my daughters (handy excuse for their mom to handle a lovely resource for channeling hankering for vintage textiles)! I so appreciate Amy’s dedication to highlighting home arts.

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    What a great interview! I first read about Amy about a month ago. It was fun to learn more about her.

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    My best friend pointed this book out the other day at the store…we’re two midwesterners who found ourselves out here in the Pacific Northwest. SHE is the one that is the answer to the “You know when you meed someone and you instantly feel comfortable?” She’s my best friend, she’s my 2:00 o’clock in the morning phone call friend, my voice of reason, my “you can do this” voice, my “up to no-good girl-fun” goodwill shopping buddy. And so much more. If I won this book…..she’s gonna get this!!!!!!