Lisa Tutman-Oglesby ~ Celebrate CREATIVITY in all its forms

Happy New Year Creative People in the house………..I am back in the saddle, the creative saddle.

I have been replenishing my body (mostly with sugar), playing with my new camera (Canon Rebel XTi) and just plain being lazy. But it’s time to get back on that horse and get busy. Time to get CREATIVE!

Lisa Tutman Oglesby

Be Creative

So, who better to get busy with than the beautiful Lisa TutmanOglesby!

Her blog was sent to me twice by fellow TBC readers. Thank-you!
Her title, Celebrate CREATIVITY in all its forms……….really caught my eye. It pretty much sums up my feelings for this blog. Creativity in any form is good. Art is in the eye of the beholder……..and I learned that recently when my son told me that he was following his heart by drawing during math class and didn’t think he should have gotten in trouble. He said that he was an artist and was just following his heart, living in the moment……….how do you argue with that? Then I asked to see this piece of art……….it was a stick man. LOL……….but it was his art and he felt passionately about it.

So………when I saw Lisa’s blog title and her blog FULL of something creative for just about everyone, I saw it was the perfect fit for my first post of the New Year.
Lisa Tutman OglesbyI have mentioned before that I tend not to sensationalize the who’s who in any craft industry. Not because I don’t think they need recognition……….it’s because when I’m looking at a magazine or blog, I just get so excited with the eye candy, that I forget to look at who is responsible for such loveliness……….maybe that should be my 2008 goal? But part of it is good. I see the true art without being swayed by a reputation. Does that make sense?

While researching Lisa, not only did I recognize alot of her work…..because she’s been published in just about every scrapbooking mag out there, and I own just about every scrapbooking mag out there…….but she is one of the Memory Makers Masters. Congrats Lisa!
So, I have alot of Aha! Moments when I am researching someone.

Lisa Tutman OglesbyI was just looking at this layout in one of my scrapbook magazines last week before teaching one of my injury prevention classes. I love it. The colors, the overlay, the darling photo……..But did I look at the name? Sorry Lisa……… But it caught my eye!

And because she’s so crafty……..she of course has an amazing craft studio.

Lisa Tutman OglesbyThese tiered baskets are calling my name!
Lisa Tutman OglesbyWarning……….Tutorial Ahead! I LOVE TUTORIALS! (bet you didn’t know that)Lisa Tutman Oglesby
I also love the kitty in the background.

Lisa Tutman Oglesby

And just in case you think her craftiness stops with paper……….think again.

She embroiders amazing things for napkins, shirts……..hand made gifts. Lisa Tutman Oglesby

And quilts…………QUILTS! Now she’s just showing off. :) Actually, I just starting to turn green.Lisa Tutman OglesbyI love this photo quilt. I love this idea.I think I want to learn to sew just so I could have this in my craft space. Look at all that thread……..all that color!Lisa Tutman OglesbyAnd of course, this lovely apron. I think I have learned that this fabric is……..could it be………Amy Butler? If not………..I warned you, I’m not good with names. I only know what I like.Lisa Tutman OglesbyAnd if she wasn’t all that before………… she’s knitting. And looking pretty at the same time. Isn’t she beautiful? Miss America beautiful.Lisa Tutman Oglesby

That’s Lisa in a nutshell. So much more over at her blog. Go check her out and don’t forget to tell her how you found her. :)

Happy New Year everyone!



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  1. paige hill says

    I absolutely love Lisa. I was so excited to meet her at THE CREATIVE CONNECTION. She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. Thanks for sharing Kim:)