Ok, you know how I tease about the other moms being jealous?  Well I’m jealous!  Seriously, Shannon is putting us to shame. She makes beautiful homemade bento lunches DAILY!

What’s for Lunch at Our House

I hate to admit that my son hasn’t had ONE homemade lunch since school started in September………now in my defense, he started middle school and there are many many options……and he eats the salad……my son said he’s “livin the life” with all the choices.  Love that kid.  And I’m pretty sure he would be mortified with these cutesy lunches…….that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

These lunches are amazing!  I want Shannon for my mom.  I’d LOVE one of these bento lunches.  Wouldn’t they put you in a happy mood the minute you opened it?  And healthy!  So healthy and fresh.  Mmmmm, bento.

I love how she has incorporated Halloween into her lunches.  She must have every cookie cutter out there.  She should look at Cindy’s (skip to my lou) new site, for more cookie cutters or apply to be a featured recipe blogger.I am amazed at her ideas!  I pledge to make my son’s lunch once this week………well my husband might make it.





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  1. says

    They are SO cute and totally healthy!

    But I couldn’t do that for my son, he flings his lunchbox and backpack around….everything would be all jumbled together anyway.

    That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it! ;o)

  2. Martha says

    Amazing. Sent the link to my cousin who has small kids. Mine are in college so this won’t be happening here.

  3. Michelle says

    Sorry, I had to unsubscribe. Your feed in my reader is no longer a full post, but just a snippet, making me have to go to your blog to read the post.

  4. says

    They look great in the boxes, and would still look great if I was serving them at home….but how do they get to school without being a mushy mashy mess? I make lunches everyday but I do a lot of wraps, fresh fruit and veggies. The occasional sweet is snuck in to make them feel loved too.

  5. Carrie says

    Those are adorable and I want one for myself. I use the bento boxes almost daily for my kids’ lunches and wonder how we ever survived without them. That said, I want to see a picture of what they look like after they’ve been hauled to school, sat in a cubby all morning, then flipped about on their way to the lunchroom!

  6. Gianina says

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