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Blogging buddies

It’s always fun to feature a blogger that I’ve actually met in real life. I loved our chats.  I now wish we could have hung out more.  After reading her blog, I realize we would get along great.


Come to find out, Tara was also at The Creative Connection last year and said she was too intimidated to introduce herself to me.  WHAT?  That’s crazy talk.  Tara had a booth in the handmade market. She had it filled with all her artfully made products!  She also was one of our SWAG sponsors.  (Swag is the bag of stuff you get when you attend a conference.  Someone once told me it stands for STUFF WE ALL GET)  handmade

Tara is a master at mixing fabric patterns.  Her items pretty much vibrated, they had that much energy!  I really really like her kindle covers……..but I don’t own a kindle. kindle case I’m thinking about taking up reading so I can get a kindle, then I can get a case.  :)  That would work wouldn’t it?


Had she known I too was a thrifty shopper, she could have blurted out that she got the jacket she was wearing for a few dollars!  This is what thifters do.  They blurt out the cost of an item like it’s a trophy!  Drives my husband crazy and he doesn’t realize I’m not being rude when I ask my BFF how much her shoes were.Tara also has some great ideas.  Like this Christmas one. I know it’s not even near Christmas, but you’ll want to tuck this idea away for next year.   I think it’s a brilliant idea.  Can you just imagine what it will look like when the kids get bigger?  But why stop there.  Just keep adding them as the family grows.Tree skirtMy love for painting furniture may have just been replaced with fabric and mod podge!  It’s a good thing she’s not my neighbor, because I’d have to take that table.before and afterCarpenters brass is a hideous eye sore and she has found the solution for us!  I’m planning on just spray painting all mine, but hers looks pretty darn good.

bathroom remodelNow I’m feeling guilty.  I remember her telling me she was having her site re-done.  Do you think she’ll mind me featuring her before it’s done?  Or I suppose this means you’ll just need to go back and visit her again in a few weeks.  Hopefully it’s still THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE!

Go surprise her.




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  1. taradara says

    Hey Kim!!
    What a GREAT surprise!!! I feel so honored to be featured on your blog as I know how much work it takes to put a post together {and what a great job you did!}.
    Yes, had I known that you’re a thrifter, we would have been hard to break apart as we would have been sharing all our great finds! The whole outfit I wore that day was from Goodwill {minus the boots}. LOL
    I’m excited to get to know your readers, too!!
    Thanks soooo much again!
    xo Tara

  2. says

    My business card holder from Taradara is the CUTEST THING EVER!! I love it! I get so many complements on it!!! She is so super sweet and talented!!! I just love her!!

    Can I tell ya, I think I would be too intimidated to introduce myself to you too!! IF I did, or if you came to me I would probably forget how to talk!! Your awesomeness is a lot of us to handle!! lol