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I have had Brooklyn Limestone in my FFF FOREVER!  I’ve been watching, reading and drooling over her talent for a very long time.  Her creative DIY home projects have me completely inspired, making lists, collecting ideas…  Renovating this Limestone is a classic Cinderella story.  Once you read their story, you’ll understand why.   Besides renovating, she will inspire you with her unique ways, her thrifty ways of decorating.

DIY Decor Ideas

Renovating the pantry can be simple as just painting the inside of the door with chalkboard paint.  Seriously……is there anything cuter?  Then if you really want to kick it up a notch, add a darling chandelier stenciled image.

chalkboard pantry door

This reminds me.  I was going to order some of these prints a bit ago from a gal on Etsy.  I must have seen something shiny.  But now maybe I’ll try it myself.  Now on the lookout for old dictionary’s.  Loving how this looks.  The perfect amount of charm, originality and COOLNESS!

DIY dictionary wall art

You know you have my vote (if that’s worth anything) if you have something out of the ordinary on your walls.  I mean anyone can buy wall decor at their local department or furniture store…….and fall into the “I’ll have what she’s having” decorating mentality.  Mrs. Limestone is a girl who loves to travel.  She even sells some of her photographs she’s taken from many of her trips.  This DIY wall decor is not only original, but it reflects the dwellers passions and personality.  They remind me a bit of my Sid Dickens Memory blocks.  I love those.

block art using old documents

Why purchase an expensive bed side table when you can just jazz up one with a bit of Silver Leaf and a sharpie.  You can’t over think these things…….she proves that by using a jar lid to form that scalloped corner.  Can I tell you how much I love brilliant decorators like Mrs. Limestone……..these woman blaze the trail!

decorating with silver leaf

We all that spot in the home that piles up with mail, papers, etc…  And if you don’t, then you’re just not normal.  True. :)

She searched high and low for the perfect small table, worked her magic one it and even cut off the back end.  Using a few empty frames and some metal decorative grating, she created the most stylish DIY mail center.

DIY mail center

I’ve said it many times before….Do we EVER get tired of a good Silhouette? She needed a dramatic wall piece to go above their bed.  Why not a whimsical approach to the traditional silhouette?  I believe she has since changed this wall, but I loved the way this looks and thought it was worth passing on to you.

how to make a silhouette

Antique silverware is once again a sought after medium for decorating.  I don’t have it listed here, but you can see an amazing holiday wreath she made using a few spoons.  These stamped fork napkin rings can be used year round.

flatware stamped napkin rings

She has a full tutorial showing you step by step on how she made these.  You can pound away your frustrations. And there’s that sharpie again.  Who knew we’d need a sharpie for so many DIY projects?

napkin rings made from antique flatware

In her spare time, she dabbles in a little graphic design.  Invitations, announcements, menu’s, etc….She helped her husband……actually I think her husband helped her…….with some bachelor party invites for a friend of his.  Can you just imagine opening up a cool invite like this?

bachelor party invitation ideas

The best part?  They don’t look horribly confusing or hard to make.  I think these could also make great trophies for a baseball team……too bad my son doesn’t play anymore.  iron on transfer invitations But maybe something like this for soccer?  Hmmmm.

iron transfer craft ideasI hope you’ll head over to Mrs. Limestone’s blog and pay her a visit.  I know she would LOVE a comment.  Wouldn’t you?   It makes me so happy when my featured bloggers tell me what great readers I have and the nice comments they receive.

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  1. Juli says

    Love the passport blocks and metal grating for display. These ideas have been added to the list of things to do!

  2. EFY says

    Looks like some really unique ideas. Wonder what else she has over there… Headed out to visit her now. Blessings

  3. vikki says

    Oh my so many cute ideas, now my to do list is even longer. I definately have to make some of those fork napkin rings, I have a plethora of old forks and that is such a cute way to use them.

  4. Dana says

    This is tooo sweet. I am completely obsessed with chalkboard paint! I’ll try later to post a picture of the sweet little attic door in my cozy upstairs bedroom. I painted it with chalkboard paint and took my markers (which I’m foolishly in love with) and wrote ” Always Kiss Me Goodnight” added a little scroll & heart. Too cute.

  5. Christina Jacobs says

    When I saw the silhouet above the bed I started right away with my own silhouet creation….My daughter will be delighted.

    gr. Christina

  6. Nita@ModVintageLife says

    I drool over every bit of her limestone. Her bedroom is to die for. And she has so many cute projects going all the time.

  7. Hannah Weeks says

    This looks like such a fun blog! I’ll have to head over and check out some of her other ideas.

  8. says

    Love her site and all of her creative ideas. My mom used to have dictionary art and spoons as napkin holders when I was young. I’ll have to go dig through my stuff and see if they’re still around! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Melissa @ Chalkboard decals says

    You’re very creative!!! Thank you very much for sharing!! Great idea!

  10. Fiona McLennan says

    Was feeling a bit blah about my pantry as it’s not really part of the kitchen ‘renovation’ but we had to pull the old one out for the flooring to go in. Searching for some inspiration, I found the chalkboard pantry door – great idea, much better than the old sliding door and more space in the pantry too. Reading on there are so many things I can do – and finally I’m inspired, thank you so much!