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I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this chalkboard painted globe that Chrissy did.  I’ve seen a few around online and I love them every time. Which means I better just get the chalkboard paint out and make one myself.  This gives me a task of finding an old globe at a yard sale.  What would we do without chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard Painted Globe

chalkboard painted globeShe shows a full tutorial if you need it.

I briefly met Chrissy at Creative Estates.  I saw right away that she also had a Gussy bag.  I loved hers and how she added the flower. See how cute she is with it?  Truth be told, she’s pretty cute without too.

gussy bag

Chrissy made all of us the cutest little bookmarks for our SWAG bag.  (swag bag is the bag of goodies you get at conferences)  I have my cute book marker right on my bed stand, waiting for the right book.  bookmarkerMore truth to be told…..I’m only reading magazines right now, or should I say “looking”.  So many to catch up on.  Stacks.  Drives my husband crazy. He’s always trying to send them to the recycling bin.

She’s another one of these really talented ladies (of course she is, or I wouldn’t be featuring her) who can sew and make stuff. She’s got a fun shop to browse.  I LOVE these little books made with expired gift cards.  Brilliant.

You’ll find all kinds of ideas, like this really cool bowl made out of a roll of ticket stubs.  It was SO cool, that it was published in this book!  How cool is that?  Cool cool cool!

bowl made from ticketshomemade giftsRemember when I mentioned her shop? Well here are just a few items you’ll find.  Scrapbook layouts, necklaces, wreaths.  A bit of everything!  Love that.

I so appreciate it when you rush over and let the featured blogger know they’ve been featured.  I’ve been trying to mention you on my FB page, thanking you.  The featured blogger gets so excited because of you!  So, go shower her with love!  And while you’re there……….look around and get inspired for the day. If you leave me a comment, be sure to click on the COMMENT LOVE box.  Then you’re latest blog post title will also show so others can check it out.

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  1. WENDY says

    All of these projects are just Fantastic, I love the globe, which initial brought me to this post, but the Gift Card Notebooks knocked my socks off. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday!

  2. Kelly says

    I love that Gussy bag…how does one go about getting one? I have never heard about Gussy Bags…I LOVE THEM!!
    Thank you in advance for letting me know :)

  3. says


    I had the pleasure of becoming friends with Chrissy a while back and just love her!! I’m so excited to see you feature her and all her cuteness today!! She is such a sweet person and so very creative and talented.

    And, you’re not alone on the “stacks of magazines”!! LOL My hubby tries to do away with mine, too!! I was just looking at a stack last night and thinking that I really need to go through them! :) Problem is that when I start going through them with hopes of tossing some out…well, I just flip through the pages and get interested in them all over again and see things I missed! It’s just a vicious cycle…but, I kinda like it!

    Hugs to you…hope you’re having a happy summer so far!

  4. says

    I just LOVE your site. Thanks for the ideas! AND, thank you for letting me know I’m not the ONLY women with boat loads of un-read magazines in her house :) My hubby is the same way -always trying to donate them to the recycle pile 😉

  5. says

    Hi Kim and friends,

    Thank you so much for the super exciting feature on ME!! It was a great surprise to wake up to this morning. And that super globe is my favorite project to date. I also just painted my desk area back splash in my kitchen!! Chalkboard paint is great.

    • Shannon says

      great idea chrissy! and now there are even great websites like that have chalkboard paint in color! I just painted a wall behind my desk in my office, rayogram grey. It turned out fabulous, and I know use that wall for planning, a chalkboard calender, grocery lists, and more.
      -shannon m, rhode island

  6. Shannon says

    Globe idea is fabulous! When I found out the idea of chalkboard paint, i wanted it so bad but was stumped on the ways i could use it around my house. I later found, which has chalkboard paint, in color! They even list great ways to use the paint on the website. Painting a globe is just another great one.
    -shannon m, rhode island.