Conversations with Today’s Creative Bloggers {Victoria Elizabeth Barnes}

Conversations with Today's Creative Bloggers |

I’m loving this new series and I’ve heard from so many of you via comments, emails, FB……that you also love it!

Last week my conversation was with the talented Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl. This week, I am interviewing the amazing Victoria from Victoria Elizabeth Barnes.


Victoria Elizabeth Barnes- Conversations with Today's Creative Bloggers |

The minute……… the second I started reading her blog, I fell in love with her. I don’t even know how I bumped into her, but her wit, charm and tenacity pulled me in.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes- Conversations with Today's Creative Bloggers |

She and her husband are in the trenches of gutting, remodeling, and making over their 1890 home, giving us snippets of their hell and their joy along the way. Her addiction to Craigs List suddenly made me feel much better about my need for second hand stuff and that I can ignore those sneers when I claim my whole living room is from yard sales.

I about pee’d my pants reading how she got her famous Kingdom Mirror. And I may have teared up watching her anniversary video.  The woman has style…….LOTS of it.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes- Conversations with Today's Creative Bloggers |

By the end of this conversation, you’ll be just as madly in love (not in a gay way……not that there’s anything wrong with that) with her as I am. I think Team Victoria Tee Shirts are in order!

KIM: Why did you choose to start a blog? And what do you hope people learn and take away from visiting your site?

Victoria: My husband and I are DIY-ing our falling-down 1890 Victorian home and my original plan was to take over the Internet with a house-project blog (because, you know, there are not any of those already). I have ended up writing about the experience of living in a construction site – the way stress and dirt magnify all your worst qualities and the challenge of surviving DIY with my husband.

KIM: If you had to choose a paint color to live with the rest of your life, what would it be?

Victoria: It doesn’t matter… eventually all of my wall space will be covered with giant, fancy, salvaged things.

KIM: What would you consider your biggest decorating secret or strength?

Victoria: First – Craigslist, Craigslist, Craigslist. Second – more is more. Third – If you love it, somehow it will work in your space. (Disclaimer: this is coming from someone who crammed a 12-foot long Victorian wardrobe into her living room for no reason other than because it was available.)

KIM: How did you choose your blog name?

Victoria: The first thing you learn when you start a blog is that all the good names have been taken. In hindsight, my full name – Victoria Elizabeth Barnes – makes me sound like a character from Downton Abbey. And it makes me feel like I need to explain how I am not actually so pompous, but the version without my middle name wasn’t available.

KIM: Mac or PC?

Victoria: Mac – I have drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and it is delicious.

KIM: If you suddenly had a full weekend to yourself, what would you do?

Victoria: Friday night – go dancing. Then for the rest of the weekend, do nothing. Read. Stay in my pajamas. Not waste any time on things like bathing or cooking.

KIM: If you had a 5 minute shopping spree at your favorite craft store, what products would you grab first?

Victoria: Fabric. I am a fabric hoarder.

KIM: If you had a 5 minute shopping spree at Home Goods, Pottery Barn, etc… What would you grab first?

Victoria: The most expensive sofa/chairs/whatever. Then I would sell it on Craigslist and use the money to buy more giant, antique, fancy stuff that is too large to even fit in my house.

KIM: You’re having a party…..what appetizers would you serve?

Victoria: Crackers. Possibly stale. I spend all my pre-party time cleaning the house, just in case any guests perform a surprise inspection. By the time people actually show up, I am exhausted and wish they would leave.

KIM: Night owl, or early bird?

Victoria: Not-so-early bird.

KIM: What is your favorite room in your home and why?

Victoria: The living room. Both of my best Craigslist finds live in there. Plus, it is the one room in the house that does not have a random pile of junk that I should throw away but instead just rearrange from time to time.

KIM: Before blogging, what did you do?

Victoria: Director of Paris-operations for the CIA.

KIM: Do you ever think about giving up blogging?

Victoria: I am somewhat surprised that anyone makes it past the first year of blogging. You start with so much enthusiasm and the expectation that soon everyone will recognize your genius… and reality can be soul crushing. My mirror post went viral right around the time I started to feel foolish for thinking I could put a dent in the Internet. Thinking about how close I came to NOT going to look at the mirror gives me anxiety!

KIM: What’s one thing you don’t think your readers know about you?

Victoria: The depth of my gratitude for their existence. Discovering how much I have in common with total strangers on the Internet has been unexpectedly validating.

KIM: What’s one of your favorite posts?

Victoria: That would be the story of my quest to get a GIANT antique mirror (I LOVE Craigslist) and my husband’s lack of enthusiasm. The post went viral and landed me a feature in the Huffington Post, as well as a disappointingly-brief discussion on The Red Pill.

I think of my favorite posts from her is about her Narnia Closet.

And now you know a little more about Victoria! You can read ALL about restoring their Victorian home and Victoria’s shenanigans on her site. Follow her on FB, or Pinterest.



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  1. says

    I think you are right, Victoria is amazing!

    I’m so glad she didn’t shut down her blog (or abandon it) to spend her days creating photoshopped pictures of herself with Don Draper.

    Wait… what?

    I’m glad she finds time for both!

  2. says

    I love Victoria…in fact, my friends that read my blog out of obligation and because I quiz them to insure they are actually reading it, like Victoria best.

    She is the perfect combination of entertaining and insanely talented!

    Thanks for interviewing her, I had no idea she was once with the CIA. :)

  3. says

    You totally made my day… And not just because you said nice things about me. But because I think you are the first person who said they preferred the wardrobe-post. I do too! Actually, I think the wardrobe is a better find than the mirror. (Although, I guess the mirror’s story is better.)

    I think this is such a great series you are doing… And it has been fantastic “meeting” you!

  4. Ellen Kelly says

    Funniest story ever regarding wardrobe. Still think mirror is the winner of all finds!! Ellen

  5. Amanda says

    The author’s comment “(not in a gay way……not that there’s anything wrong with that)” has no place in print. It is the year 2014. When you say you are “in love” with VEB, I’m sure your readers understand that you mean figuratively and not sexually. Your comment does imply that there is something wrong or abnormal about being gay, despite your insistence to the contrary. This could have been a decent interview had you not injected it with your casual homophobia.

    • says

      Amanda, I’m assuming its your first time reading my site, so you may not be aware of my sense of humor. I am one of the most liberal, respecting and tolerant people (I’m from the Portland area and all) and I’m sorry my annoying sense of humor was offensive. It was my attempt at being funny and quoting Jerry Seinfeld.