Craft Room Makeover

I cannot tell you how nice it is to be done with this CRAFT ROOM MAKEOVER!

Craft Room Makeover | Before and After


Craft Room Makeover |

Remember when I shared my craft room (below) after taking over my son’s old play room?  I was so excited to have a larger space, but what I didn’t know was that I needed storage and how quickly it would get OUT of CONTROL!!

craft space for gift wrapping

BEFORE I installed cabinets

Like most creative people, one project can leave the biggest mess. Well multiply that one project by about 20 and you’ve got an overwhelming space that just can’t be wrangled.

As one of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger team members, we are given a few topics to choose from for our monthly challenge.

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This month, one of the choices was Craft Space Makover.

I HAD to do this.

Craft Room Makeover |

Take it all in, there’s a lot to see and I know how you like to see messes. Keepin it real!

My room was driving me crazy. It was overwhelming and was pretty much unusable…..a disaster.

Knowing my issue was storage, I immediately headed to Lowes and looked at their unfinished kitchen cabinets. They’re not as expensive as you think. The larger 2 cabinets with one drawer were about $139 with the other smaller ones being less expensive.   We ended up buying 4 cabinets total and obviously pushed them all together.

Unfinished Craft Room Cabinets |

We also bought the counter top for about $60 each and then cut one piece down to fit. The guys were very helpful in telling us exactly how to cut the curved portion of the counter and what blade to use. They could not understand why I didn’t want a prettier counter and asked me twice if I really just wanted a plain white counter.

Craft Room Counter tops| TodaysCreativeBlog.netCraft Room Cabinet Installation |

I chose a beautiful turquoise paint called Sea Breeze from their Valspar Eddie Bauer HOME line.

Craft Room Makeover |

I love it! I chose a satin finish, but it looks flatter than I’d imagined…….I’d choose a gloss if I had to do it over again.

Craft Room Makeover |

We still have the cabinet hardware to put on and hopefully it will get done this weekend.  I’m going with a brushed nickel.

Cabinet hardware | Craft Room Makeover |

I spent an entire weekend putting EVERYTHING away. I bought a ton of storage containers (that match of course) to fill the cabinets.

Craft Supply Organization |

I reorganized my craft table cubbies and I’m surprised I have available space.

Craft Room Makeover |

Everything has a place and everything is in it’s place. Oh how nice it feels!

Craft Room Makeover |

Even though I LOVE my craft paint storage I made for one of my past Lowe’s projects, it’s simply just not big enough.

Craft Paint Storage |

So I’ve decided to dedicate one large drawer for all things paint. Keep in mind, some of those rows are double stacked. Hi, my name is Kim and I have an addiction to craft paint.
Craft Supply Storage |

This peg board is one of the handiest items. Who knows if I need all those bags, but I liked the colors.

Gift Wrapping Center |

This room makes me happy.

Creative Wall Decor|

All frames were yard sale finds spray painted. The owl art work is from Ellen Crimi Trent……she sent it to me and I adore it! The LOVE print is a printable from Live Laugh Rowe. And of course a few of my favorite scrapbook pages framed.

Some cute wall art to greet me every time I walk in.

Creative Wall Decor|

Even my pets like hanging out in this room now. Here’s Mabie taking a nap on instagram.

Finished Craft Room Makeover |

And because I’m keepin it real……here I am, un-showered, in the bloggers business attire and in fuzzy socks playing a fancy photographer.

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  1. says

    Having craft room envy here. I love the colors you chose. Also, your bloggers business attire is VERY similar to my small handmade business attire. 😉

  2. says

    Oh my! Your room is simply gorgeous! I love everything about it, especially the inspirational art on
    the wall and the selfie in your launching clothes! Good for you! You don’t have to dress up for us!! “hugs” Crystelle

  3. says

    I love it! I room like this would make me so happy as well! I love to create jewelry and I am always moving my materials from one room to the next, I need to find a space and create something beautiful just like you did, congratulations!

    • says

      Thank you!! If I was close, you know I’d be right there! It’s always easier to organize someone else’s stuff.

  4. says

    Kim your craft space is amazing, I love everything you did, it’s so bright and now you have tons of workspace and storage. Love it all!


  5. KWolff says

    Your room looks fabulous! I have an office in our home that has been designated as my craft room but right now it is a catch-all. The only thing I have going for me right now is a fantastic craft desk that my hubby built for me. Here’s hoping that I can use your makeover as inspiration to get mine done!

    On a side note – if you ever find a support group for acrylic paint addicts please let me know! I have a serious obsession with it too!

  6. says

    well done. well done. I just love a craft room makeover! Who am I kidding – I LOVE all room makeovers. It’s so fun to see what other people do & try to pick up an idea or two. I realize this was NOT part of your post here but I noticed your mirrored closet doors & the design on them? Did you do that design yourself? And were those originally gold? Reason I ask is I am slowly re-doing all the rooms in my place & have these same closets w/ the gold & was wondering if they can be painted. So when I saw this, thought I’d ask if you did as I would love to know what works so I can do it tomorrow already! lol Joking a little 😉 Thanks

    • says

      Laura, I LOVE room makeovers too! I love seeing how people decorate! Ok the mirrors……those are stenciled with a frosted glass formula from Martha Stewart. So easy to work with. Not sure how easy it will be to wash off.

      • says

        Good to know Kim. One more question if I may, was the actual edges of the closet ALWAYS white or did you paint them? Mine are currently that ugly gold brass color & been wanting to paint them white & when I saw yours, I’m all . . .HEY! maybe she knows! Was just looking for a paint that would hold up as the edges and the actual track to the closet doors will need done. If you know, great, if not, thanks anyway. =)

        • says

          Mine are actually wood molding. The tracks are white. I’d ignore them or incorporate them. Beth from Home Stories From A to Z just did a mini craft room reveal where she is using shiny gold as one of the accent colors.

  7. says

    Wow Kim! There is so much to love about this room makeover, I don’t know where to begin! Definitely pinning this so I can refer back to it, but truth be told, it’s going to sit open on my laptop so I can work my way through all the fabulous solutions you came up with. Your “before” picture resembles my craft room almost TOO much, and I need to get a better solution going. You have nailed it! Bravo!

    • says

      Thank you so much Laura. I needed a room that was FUNCTIONAL and using many things I already had. I love the playful vibe it has.

    • says

      Thank you Kelly! I DO love it. Sadly it’s a mess today…….but I guess that means I’ve been busy!

  8. says

    This room is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for almost any type of crafting. I love the open feel, the cabinets and the colors you chose to paint the cabinets. Enjoy working in this room.

  9. says

    I had to laugh, we’re wearing matching ‘business’ outfits– except my fuzzy socks are pink! I love the new craft room. You’ve inspired me to re-do my ‘lab’.

  10. says

    Isn’t it great to have cabinets so you can stand and work on projects at counter height?
    Kim…I love the rug and the cabinet color and well pretty much everything you’ve done. Maybe I just need to come to your house to work on my projects. 😉
    Here’s even more Extraordinary creativity!