Today I’m writing about one my home girls………..except I didn’t even know she’s a home girl.  Portland (oregon) is a mecca for creative and crafting people.  I really should get out more.  Diane (goes by Sister Diane and you can find out why on her blog)  has made an online business out of being crafty.

I get asked a lot about how to make money in the craft industry.  I am not sure why I am asked, because I don’t have a craft business, but I have a craft blog……so maybe that’s the confusion.  But I do know a lot of crafting bloggers that have been able to turn a dime with their talents.

Crafty Pod

Sister Diane has a wonderful site where she not only brings many crafty, creative ideas to you, but she also touches on the business aspect of blogging and crafting.  Don’t we love her already?  She has a few just crafting ebooks and she also has Craft business ebooks.  Or maybe you need  help in making your craft blog better?  She’s got a class for that too.  In the mean time, you would probably benefit in her post about Google Analytics for craft blogs. And let us not forget…….POD CASTS!    Love those!

Of course she has many tutorials!  TUTORIALS!  I love a good tutorial.

RoseBud Flowers

Made from ric rac!  So cute.  She was trying to figure out how to make them, when a another crafter suggested she just take one apart to see.  She had one of those AHA! Moments and shows us the secret.

Rub On’s

Rub on’s aren’t just for paper crafts you know.  If you don’t have a silhouette machine, but you want to create quick, easy and inexpensive decor for your home……….or even a gift.  Rub On’s are your tool for action.

Since it’s a gal from Portland and all……..any fool knows we recycle……a LOT!    I love this Easter basket she created from packaging.  Take the handle off to use for other purposes.  Pretty cool huh?

Recycled Easter Baskets

I haven’t met Diane yet, heck I just found out she’s in my neck of the woods……but I’d love to share a cup of joe over craft talk any day.    Please visit her site so she gets lots and lots of hits………then if we ever do meet, she’ll think I’m REALLY cool.

Leave me a comment and I’ll enter you in my monthly giveaway.  This month is a necklace from Allora Handmade

Since you’re wasting time reading blogs, you may as well check these out too.  :)



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  1. Ricki Duke says

    Gonna try the rick rack buds. Those are so cute. would look cute on a headband for a baby!

  2. Sheila A. says

    You made me laugh so with your comment: “…since you’re wasting time reading blogs..”.
    Loved it. Have a nice day.
    Would love to win.

  3. FoxyMomma says

    i love the rosebuds!! those would make cute earrings! it’s pretty amazing what ppl come up with!

  4. Laura says

    I LOVE Crafty Pod and Today’s Creative Blog! I have been wanting to launch my own blog but for the very reasons you’ve been posting about this year I have held off. I work full time outside my home but would like to use my knowledge and experience as a means to earn my income so I could work from home. I was the owner and designer of a successful retail florist until a few years ago and while I don’t miss the insane 365, 24/7 life, I truly miss the work. So I’m following you closely to see how you accomplish this very puzzling issue. Oh, no! I think that’s what you mean about getting paid for what you’re doing here for us your readers! Thank you for such a fun blog, I enjoy it everyday!

  5. jennifer says

    oh man…i LOVE these little roses…and i would love to know how to make them…i would even like to visit this sweet sister’s site, but i cannot access the tutorial or her site…HELP! i think i’ve clicked on everything imaginable but always end up back at the craft pod place with just lists of things that likewise get me nowhere….i’m helpless, i guess. i need your help…thanks

  6. susan says

    ThankYou Kim! And SisterDiane! OMGosh, I adore your projects! And since I have pestered Kim about blogging, (thank you again for your insight,Kim!) I will assuredly be reading at Sr.Diane’s and,uh, possibly pestering her,too. 😉 rest assured, I would comment almost every day because of your great content, kim, even tho I would love apop at the AlloraHandmade necklace this month! (evil chuckle) all good wishes to you both-s-

  7. Deborah in Atlanta says

    I’m heading over to her site to find out about those rub ons. Definitely interested in those! And those RoseBud flowers look divine, so I’ll check into those too. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. Nicki says

    Wow…I seriously need to get out to Oregon! I’ve always wanted to go, especially to the Portland area, and the more I see of you creative people, the more I fall in love! Thanks to both of you :)