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You’d have to be half dead if you didn’t already know of my featured blogger today.  But on the slight chance she is new to you…….then it’s your lucky day…….you’re going to feel even more alive today!

Scribbit has been around……..that’s why she’s got so many great ideas on her site.

She’s a mother living in Alaska who keeps her kids busy with adventures and creative tasks.  What I love the most is how she creates an activity that doesn’t require a bunch of consumer products.  Most of her projects can be duplicated today with what you have in your home right now.  Those are the kind of activities and projects we need to keep kids busy.

With school out for some of you and only a few more weeks for the rest of us, Our focus turns to just that………keeping the kids busy!

My son will be all over this one.  Create your own Eco-System.  Look complicated?   No worries, because she’s got a tutorial with step by step instructions.image  Smelly!  When I was a kid, I LOVED projects like this.  What kid doesn’t like fun stuff like this below.   It’s a smell test.  Not only is it fun, but gosh, they may learn something at the same time.  I’m pretty sure it’s even more fun in cute pink and brown polka dot cups.image Color Match!  Another simple but fun idea.  First they get to paint……then send them outside searching for nature’s gifts in the same colors.  Big and small are going to love this.imageTaste Test- It’s projects like this that make you the best mom in the world.  Once again, I love this kind of game.  Create a taste test with certain foods.  She chose vanilla ice cream. image I  may be going out on a limb, but I bet kids would remember this over an overpriced trip to ChuckE Cheese.  (thank God my son never liked that place much) image One tried and true activity we do in our home that has lasted through the years, is making toothpick sculptures.  We use marshmallows instead of packing peanuts….both work great!  This will keep them busy for at least 30 min.

And then you can have them try this fun poking activity……..anything destructive makes my son’s heart sing.  AT least this has a bit of technique to it.image    When you visit her site, you’ll notice she is a mean knitter….not as in cranky mean, but really talented mean.  Such beautiful things she makes with her hands.  imageOf course she’s creative……but look what she figured out.  imageShe made this cute little button so she could create different looks for wearing a scarf…..a scarf she knitted of course.imageWith Memorial Day coming up quickly, you’ll enjoy this beautiful story she shares about this gorgeous Memorial Day quilt.  Heartbreaking, but very very sweet.image  I’d love to meet her some day and exchange Alaska stories.  You see, I worked in Kenai one summer many moons ago…..I still can’t believe I did that.  But I was young and adventurous…….that’s what we do.

OK, off you go…….go make me look good and make her feel good.

If you’re looking for more crafts for kids to keep them entertained, check out one of my past features.


Exciting things coming to Today’s Creative Blog next week!  Look for the announcement on Tuesday.



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  1. Sonnet Gal says

    Going to do the ice cream taste test as a party game at my son’s next birthday party….perfect for older kids, and the winner of the taste test gets served with the birthday cake!

  2. says

    The Memorial Day Quilt is beautiful. My mom made quilt blankets when I was young. It took her a very long time to sew everything by hand. Making quilt takes a long time but the end result is a beautiful masterpiece.