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As one of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators & Influencers team members,I tackled my garage organization a bit ago.  My garage had become a drop space in a bad way.  I was in constant danger of breaking my ankle with the left over shoes near the steps. I needed to create garage organization FAST!

Create Garage Organization – Tips for Organizing your Garage

Since it wasn’t a room I live in, it was low on my priority list and it’s not as fun to decorate, so I left it to my husband. One of my challenges from Lowes was to create a drop space.  Most people think of this as near the telephone inside their home, but I instantly thought of this eyesore and the desire to always have a mud room of sorts.  Since this is a 2 car garage and we actually do park our cars inside, it doesn’t leave us much room.

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Lowes Creative Ideas

I have been wanting large storage cabinets forever! This small dirty one came with the house and we used it for pantry overflow.  I ordered my cabinets online directly from Lowes, and picked them up that afternoon. I could have had them delivered, but like most creative bloggers, we want it NOW!  I ordered 3 total for the rest of the garage. 

Here’s the cleaned up version.  Ahhhhhh…….Not perfect, but SO. MUCH. BETTER!  Bigger cabinet, more room to go in and out and I’ve created a ton of storage in a very small area. It’s a functional drop space now! I wish we would have set it up years ago.

Create Garage Organization | #LowesCreator

After bringing the cabinets home, my husband and son got busy right away putting them together.  These are heavy!

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Once we placed it upright, we started filling it up with a variety of things that seem to overflow from inside.

  • Coats and winter wear | Although you have the option how you want to organize your shelving, I opted for a place to hang extra coats that we may not wear often.  I keep gloves, hats,etc in the burlap bins above.
  • Food Storage | Since our indoor pantry isn’t that big, we use this place for a few over flow items.
  • Storage Bins | Great for ski wear, bike helmets, soccer balls etc…
  • Burlap Totes | One for gloves, one for hats, one for batteries and hand warmers and one with a couple of flashlights.

Create Garage Organization |Organized Garage |


Garage Storage Bins

I LOVE these galvanized storage bins.  They were only about $15 and completely portable.  I’m storing all the safety supplies for road trips or soccer games inside one……..makes it easy to just grab one and place it in the back of the car. I added the cute vinyl numbers using my Silhouette. I could see using these indoors as well.  I love the look of them.

I added an magnetic message board for quick family communication.  Since this is very near where my husband parks, he’ll see this board as he gets out of the car.


Create Garage Organization |Organized Garage |

I could have placed a wall hanging shoe rack here (below), but I know my family wouldn’t take the time to use it properly and would only create another obstacle for me to nag.  It was much more functional to create a space for hanging items that can quickly be hung up or grabbed when needed.  Shopping bags and soccer stuff.  This way my son ALWAYS knows where his soccer bag is and his soccer rain jacket. 2 items that he’s often searching for the last minute.

I’m still searching for the perfect shoe solution.  For now I’m using the cheap stackable shelf I’ve had forever.

Organizing your Garage | Create Garage Organization |Organized Garage |

So much better don’t you think?

I don’t mind sharing my messes with you, because 90% of us are not obsessive organizers and have a mess here and there. Hopefully I inspired you to take baby steps and make something more functional from chaos. create organized garage |


Just to be more creative, I added some quick vinyl to the door.  Yep, made it with my Silhouette.  If you’re thinking you need one too, I have giveaways for one almost monthly and big discounts to buy one. Just watch for the promo codes.

Create Garage Organization |Organized Garage |


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What do YOU need to organize?  Do you have a drop space?

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discloser; As a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creator & Influencer I am compensated with gift cards to purchase items needed for monthly challenges. My opinion as always is my own. 



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  1. Johnnie says

    I keep my reusable bags in the kitchen, and ALWAYS forget to grab when I need to go grocery shopping! I love the idea of putting near the garage entry door!! duh! what a simple idea/change! xo

  2. says

    It looks Great Kim! I just organized our little out door shed and the garage is part of my summer plans! Luckily we have a side entry garage so no one sees the mess from the front of our house! : ) And it is a MESS!
    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. says

    Ugh, Austin and I just moved into a new house and he has yet to figure out the garage! I’ll have to do some creative thinking of my own with this in mind… love it!