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Sharpie Gift Pack Giveaway!

WOW, I’m still getting caught up from being down for 3 days.  It’s a giveaway kind of week around TCB.

My son LOVES to draw, so when Sharpie said they would send me a box full of Sharpies, I didn’t have to think twice.  Besides creating, we use Sharpies for many uses.  I always think of Sharpie as having just your good ole permanent markers to mark school back packs, water bottles, freezer bags, etc…. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find FABRIC (called Stained) markers!!  (and lots of other goodies)Sharpie markers for fabricNot that you couldn’t use the good ole Sharpies for that…….and many of you have. But these fabric stained markers have a brush like tip.  It was all I could do to make this one tee shirt (using my Letter Press Bat Template) before my son took off with all of them.  (Don’t you love his robot arms?)  I think the shirt turned out really cute, but what was I thinking when I thought my pre-teen son would wear it to school? He quickly informed me it would be a pajama shirt.

I was also impressed with the liquid pencil.  VERY COOL!  I tried hiding that one, but I think my son also swiped it for school.  The things I do for him.

Sharpie has a gallery for you or your children to upload your master pieces. sharpie gallery The kids LOVE to see their work online…….especially when it’s not their mom’s blog, but a “real” website…… my son puts it.

I’ve also talked Sharpie into giving one of you lucky readers a gift pack full of Sharpies.

SHARPIE GIFT PACK GIVEAWAY!!!sharpie pensI’m already thinking of all kinds of uses for these fabric markers.  I used it for stamping this gift tag……..the dots are a cute touch too.   sharpie markersSharpie isn’t your mama’s marker…..they have come a long way with lots and lots of different options.  Thank you Sharpie, we’re having fun around here.

Enter to win by leaving me a comment.

Extra entries if you:

  • Tweet using hashtag #TCBSharpies  or I’ll make it easy for you……you can just copy this and tweet it.   Who knew @Sharpie had fabric brush pens? Giveaway on TCB  #tcbsharpie

You don’t tweet?  I’ll give you an extra entry if you post it on your blog……..just come back here and leave me the link in the comment section.

Deadline is Monday, 6pm pst.




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  1. says

    ooh…i use sharpies in ALL my art pieces – LOVE my sharpies! would love to get my hands on the fabric ones!
    (too bad i don’t tweet and don’t have a blog…just a facebook business page…) :(

  2. Nathalie says

    I love Sharpies but I am sure I have not thought of half their potential uses!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  3. says

    Very Cool! That would be great to add to my slowly growing crafting supplies! I sure could find some fun things to do with the kids I nanny using Sharpie markers like that!

  4. says

    YES! Who knew Sharpie had fabric markers! I didn’t but I think it sounds like a lot of fun. Please enter me to win. The gears are spinning already.

  5. Janet says

    I love, love Sharpies! I don’t tweet, but this is a great reason to update my long languishing blog.

  6. Mae says

    This is a wonderful gift pack! I didn’t know Sharpies had fabric brush pens, but now to find them! Must Make Sharpie Shirts!

  7. Miranda Winters says

    This would be so cool to win! I love sharpies and I can think of a lot of uses for them too! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! Good luck to everyone! WE LOVE SHARPIE!♥

  8. Cynthia B. says

    I’ve only tried the traditional Sharpies and the poster paint ones…I’d love to see what other options there are! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. says

    I love sharpies. I keep a black one handy for standard uses, labeling, making flash cards, etc. I also used a lavender colored one to make lanterns for my daughter’s birthday. I was really impressed with the smooth fill. I might have to pick up some more to make Christmas cards with.

  10. LauraBC says

    YAY a new Sharpie to be obsessed with. (please enter me) The Sharpie pens are my absolute fav-o-rite!

  11. Elizabeth says

    I looooove Sharpie and have heard great things about the fabric markers, but how have I not heard about the liquid pencil? Must….go…..find…!

    I also tweeted about this giveaway, thanks so much! @epadcock

  12. Angela LeBlanc says

    I love my sharpies and until a couple of days ago I didn’t know they made them for fabric. I would love to have them. Thanks for the chance to win a set.

  13. Nancy M says

    Thanks for the great offer- I love Sharpies but have not tried the ones you tested out-sounds like fun! please add my name to your generous give away- thanks.

  14. Su@TheIntentionalHome says

    Oh my 14 yr old daughter loves sharpies!! She has never played with the fabric ones before. Oh what a fun stocking stuffer these would be. . .new sharpies to add to her collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. says

    You. are. kidding. me! I am a HUGE fan of Sharpies. I never knew they had fabric markers until today! How cool is that?!? I’ve got to look for some! :-)

  16. Barb H says

    I would love to win a package of Sharpies! I am always looking for new ways to embellish things I sew and craft. Thanks!

  17. Nitasha J. says

    OH, I’m missing out…I’ve never tried the fabric Sharpies! Your shirt is AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing the Sharpie Love!

  18. Laura says

    I am an elementary art teacher and I use Sharpies on almost EVERY project. The school budget only allows me to purchase black Sharpies, but my personal arsenal includes lots of colors! This would be a great prize!

  19. says

    We love Sharpies too! My 11 yo daughter is VERY creative and draws something different (freehand) everyday! We love the fat ones and the skinny ones! Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win fabric markers! My daughter would be a t-shirt designing QUEEN!!

    Thanks for entering me!


  20. says

    These are so cute, and being a teacher as well as a mom, I use Sharpies all of the time. I love them for breast milk bags and for writing on overhead transparencies.

  21. Melinda Wilson says

    Most of my sharpies have somehow “walked” off at home so I would love to win a pack of these!

  22. says

    True story: I cried a little (with excitement) when my mom was visiting and bought me this jumbo sized pack of Sharpies while at the local WM. :)

  23. nik says

    I didn’t know they make fabric markers! I can already think of a few projects that I’d like to try. Thanks for the info an supercool giveaway!

  24. Lisa says

    What an awesome idea!!! I can think of soooooo many things I could do with these markers. My daughter would love them, too! Cute gift tag, btw!

  25. says

    Great projects with the Sharpie markers. I love markers but don’t have a set of Sharpies so this would be a great addition. Thanks!

  26. Lora W. says

    We Love Sharpies! Thank you so much for the giveaway. Did you know they have an 80’s glam color pack??

  27. Sandy M says

    I love Sharpies and use them in lots of projects, especially scrapbooking and kids crafts.

  28. says

    My youngest son loves to draw/create also so he (and me!!!) would love these…I have a bunch of Sharpies that I use for everyday tasks but had no idea they had fabric Sharpies…even if I don’t win I will be buying some of these. Thanks for the givewaway and I love your tag : )

  29. shari says

    sharpies have come a long ways in the creativity department. would love to try some new ones!!

  30. Tammy says

    I love sharpies….. great to use along with stamping. I would love to win this great package~

  31. Jenn H says

    My son would be in Sharpie heaven…he loves to color, draw, and whatever else he can get his hands on with markers. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway!

  32. Kathy says

    Those markers are so cool! I’ve never seen them before, but they look like a lot of fun waiting to happen!

  33. Kelly Mathews says

    Good morning! My daughter would love this! She just turned 22, but has been collecting Sharpie’s since she was probably 8 years old. I have no idea how many she has. She doesn’t nearly have all of them, but she has a nice collection. I wish she’d use them more to bring out her artsy talent that she doesn’t see that she has.

    About Me

  34. Tara Nichole says

    OMG I love Sharpies! They are my prized possessions and no one is allowed to touch them!

  35. Ricki Duke says

    Getting close to the gifting season. So fabric markers will be great addition. Love to make some tshirts for the grand kids to go with their pj pants. Love to win the sharpies!!!

  36. Molly says

    I saw some fun Sharpie Brand folders and notebooks at WalMart – color-your-own. How fun! And my kids are in love with recycled shrinky-dink-like crafts, re-using #5 plastic and Sharpies. We could definitely use more sharpies :)

  37. Jessica Lynch says

    Who wouldn’t love some new fabric sharpies with all the holidays just around the corner! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Shanda Ekins says

    Oh my kids would be in HEAVEN!! We love Sharpies around here! I want want want the fabric ones!! Thanks for the chance!

  39. Yvonne Higgins says

    I would love to try these fabric Sharpies. what a quick and easy way to add information to my quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  40. says

    Please enter me! I never seem to have enough Sharpies and I still haven’t tried them all. There’s a lot of things in my studio just crying for Sharpie work!
    ‘Liking’ this on my blog, also.

  41. deniserows says

    i really am looking for the small sharpies to make a necklace out of. can’t find them anymore

  42. Chris Gerke says

    Interesting that we seem to have a new crop of sharpie artists that are boys. My grandson has the addiction also. Must be kind of like confined graffiti to them. I would love to win this for my Fisher boy.

  43. Sarah S. says

    I LOVE Sharpies. It’s probably nonsense, but I think my handwriting is so much better when I use a Sharpie!!

  44. cindy says

    Whatever did we do before we had Sharpies?! Haven’t tried the fabric ones but will certainly have to check them out for next kids bday party. Great give away!

  45. terra @ terratalking says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE sharpies! And have been dying to try their new fabric markers! how fun! thanks for the fun giveaway!

  46. Betsy Pratt says

    Oh gosh. Sharpie. I *love* Sharpies of all kinds. I have them in my purse and in practically every drawer of the house. A big wide one where my package shipping supplies are, tons of Sharpie pens in all 4 colors, several colors of the paint markers, all of the colors available for the font & extra fine markers. I just cannot get enough of them!!! I have yet to try the fabric Stained markers. Those would be a blast to doodle right on top of some quilting cotton! I guess a trip to the store is in order!?!?
    Betsy (sharpie lover) Pratt

  47. Amy says

    That looks so fun! We’ve tye-dyed Halloween shirts before, but this would be so much easier.

  48. Leta W-A says

    I would love to play around with these, they look so fun. Thinking about all the things I could do with them.

  49. says

    I love Sharpie’s. My husband just bought me a bunch of pink ones the other day. I have been wanting to try the fabric Sharpie’s!!! So of course I would love to win these :o)

  50. says

    L-o-v-e Sharpie’s! I use the small fine tip for school, the permanent for everything around the house and for crafting too!
    I love your card, you wouldn’t have even guessed that you used a Sharpie!?
    Thank you for the opportunity:)

  51. marji Crummett says

    I LOVE sharpies!!! So cool that they have ones for fabric. Oh the possibilities! Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. anndei says

    Love-it!! I know of four little boys that would do anything to get their hands on my sharpies!!! mmmmm…. not a bad idea to reward chores with sharpies now that I think about it 😉

  53. Shudson says

    I LOVE sharpies and almost always have one on me, whether it is a Sharpie pen or the collection of markers throughtout my house. I use them a lot! I woudl love to win this set!
    Yay, Sharpie!!!

  54. Kristen says

    My son is always taking my sharpies as well! I would love to try the fabric ones! Thanks for sharing the info – I’ll have to go any buy some! :)

  55. says

    I officially have a Sharpie addiction…every time I go into Hobby Lobby or Michaels I have to go look at the Sharpies…once I get a really good coupon I’m buying a HUGE pack of them. Mine are starting to dry out. :(
    So I’d love to win this pack! Especially those fabric Sharpies…they look awesome.

  56. says

    I would love to win these! My son’s school does a fall fundraiser and I’m in charge of the Sharpie-shirt decorating booth this year. It would be a bonus to have these to share. Thanks for the opportunity!-Raquel

  57. Terressa T. says

    What a fun giveaway! I LOVE sharpies and have been wanting to try their “pen” the no bleed version…

  58. Darla P. says

    I have discovered new uses for Sharpies and just love them. They’re not just plain markers like they used to be. Thanks!

  59. says

    I adore Sharpie. Actually it may be more of an obsession? My sister buys them for me for gifts and such…very sad. My favorite thing to do with them is buy brown craft paper for Christmas and decorate the gifts.

  60. MaryB says

    Madness abounds thinking about all things possible with these markers – would enjoy winning for sure!

  61. Stacey Allison says

    Oh, I love markers, pens, pencils, paint, etc. I don’t use them enough, but I do love them. I’m a big Sharpie fan myself. Thanks for the ideas. Love your gift tags too!