Ellen- Product Designer

Product Designer

Ellen Crimi -Trent

Don’t you love it when things work out so perfectly? When things are right where you need them to be at the right moment?

That’s how I felt today after arriving home and needing to post a blog for all you creative hungry souls. As some of you know, I have a “future feature file” I plop any blog I find fun, inspiring, and amazing in to.
Well today, I open my email and see an email from Ellen telling me how much she loves my blogs……….oh stop…….really……tell me more……… :) She included her blog and Holy Moly girlfriends……….this girl and what she does is so interesting.
Ellen is a designer, an artist and most importantly a Mom. She makes her living or is it she lives to make…….isn’t that how we all are? She makes her living designing designs and products for department stores! We have all seen her designs! JoAnne’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Fred Meyer’s to name a few. At first look, this curio may look like a decorating theme gone bad……..but she designed ALL that stuff! Can you imagine walking down the isle of Target……yes she designs for them too.……and seeing YOUR design? I would probably do a cartwheel right there………and believe it or not, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done a cartwheel in a store. I haven’t done one in a store since I turned 46………..but if my designs were all over, I would do one………really.


Design Artist

designer artist Ellen Crimi Trent

She also wants to paint this curio white…….she’s not a dark wood person. Her husband doesn’t want her to paint it. I say paint it! Wait til he goes out of town……….paint it. I’m not a dark wood person either. What do you say girls? PAINT IT!

I was just in Fred Meyer yesterday (a NW one stop shopping store) shopping for a few essentials……….like chocolate… and I saw these balls……….THESE BALLS! Aren’t they cute? Little did I know that I would meet the woman in blogland today who designed those faces. How odd is that?! I can’t wait til I go back to the store and casually say loud enough for bystanders to hear…”oh, there’s Ellen’s designs, she emailed me today……..that Ellen, she is so talented.”designed by Ellen Crimi Trent

Fabric Designer

Here’s some baby fabric she designed for JoAnne’s. fabric designer

And because she’s a good mom, she must design something around the house for the upcoming holiday. I love this. I had this idea to paint some twigs……….mine are still not painted and in the garage……..she actually painted hers and did something with them. Scroll down……….it gets better.decorating for halloweenSEE! How cool is that?!halloween mantleAnd you all know how I LOVE a tutorial! LOVE THEM! Did I say that loud enough?tutorial for halloween decorations

I am quite intrigued with Ellen. I find it so interesting how she makes her living. I hope she shares more details in her blog.

I need to go Ellenize my home with some new decor.



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