Gifts You Can Make


How about a few ideas for gifts you can sew?

Two Peas in a Pod

Just so you know…….here’s another blog I totally thought I had already featured.  I feel like a heel…….She made me the most beautiful lanyard for The Creative Connection…..she deserved more attention than a Thank you.  But I thought I had featured her………..she is so talented, so of course I thought she was already on my A – List.

Trish is one of those people who can sew!  And not only sew, but she does a ton of patchwork sewing.

Now I don’t know much about sewing…but I can imagine that patchwork stuff would be the grand daddy of them all……….

But she’s so nice, she shows you some pretty detailed tutorials……that I imagine would help you IF you knew how to sew…..unlike me.  She also has patterns you can purchase.  She was one of my Creative Girls Holiday Gift Guide sponsors.

My mom used to make Christmas gifts for us.  Usually Pajamas.  It was never a secret though, because if you remember me telling you before…….she was one of those cranky sewing moms.  So I would hear her muttering under her breath or quite loudly in her sewing room.  But I’m sure Trish isn’t like that and she has a few cute ideas for gifts.


Baxter the Bunnysewing projectsWhat child, young or old wouldn’t adore a homemade Baxter?  A full tutorial on her site.

The Creative Connection Lanyard

Here’s a shot of those lanyards she made for us for The Creative Connection.  She also posted this on Get Your Craft On……..and even linked to me.  :)   I knew I loved her.   Aren’t they cute?  I love mine.  sewing projects

Sprouts Scarf

I’m tellin ya…….she is the queen of patchwork.  This scarf below would be a great gift.  This certainly isn’t anything you could buy in Target.  I’m pretty sure she has a pattern on her site you could grab.

sewing project You could also use up a few of those scraps of material.

Fabric Covered Journal

How about a journal?  make a fabric journalAlmost everyone would appreciate a nice looking journal to write in.  Especially if they’re so beautiful.  Handmade gifts are always best, don’t you think?

Trish has a whole list of tutorials and don’t forget to check out her patterns.  While you’re there, leave her a comment to surprise her about being featured.  I love it when you surprise them!





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  1. Kristi F says

    Beautiful! It must be too early though because I can’t find the name of her website! Can any of you help me out?

  2. EFY says

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful ideas! I love the colors of the scarf… going over to see the tutorials.


  3. yarnpiggie says

    These look wonderful, but I am clearly an idiot. I can’t figure out how to find her blog or what the name of her blog is. I think that is the problem I keep having. I read this one in my RSS feed most of the time and have a hard time finding stuff through there. Can someone please point my feeble brain in the right direction? Thank you!

  4. Samantha@yearofhomeandhealth says

    I wanted to go visit, but couldn’t find the link to her blog? I must need more coffee this morning!!

  5. Martha says

    Is there a tutorial for the lanyard. My son goes to UW and I’d love to make him one in purple and gold.

  6. says

    You’re a sneaky one Ms. Kim! THAT was a big surprise – thanks so much for the feature! Much appreciated! I had to laugh, very hard, at the part about your Mom being a cranky sewer. Um, you’d have to ask my two peas. Probably greatly depends on what deadlines I’m working under…and usually, I can hear my husband yell down to the kids, “Leave Mom alone! She’s working!” which helps me from having to be all cranky with them. Thanks so very much for the feature!

  7. says

    I looove that scarf. Please stop showing us all these cute things. My craft table (aka..dining room table) is overflowing with bins of projects that need to get done before Christmas!

  8. says

    Thanks for pointing that site out to me. I did not find a link … but googled … :-)
    I SO love this scarf. And yes, she does have a tutorial for it on her blog! Awesome!
    Thank you so much!

  9. Shawnnita says

    Wow brilliant designs! I love the scarf even though I live in a predominately warm climate, I still Love it!!! Baxter is a cutie too :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Deb says

    The bunny is adorable! I tried making a donkey one…tried is the key word. What wonderful gift ideas that are unique! Always looking for something different….off to get myself some sewing lessons! ;o)