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How I met Stacy, a talented DIY girl who has more projects up her sleeve.

While attending Creative Estates, I got to meet several bloggers I have featured here.  What a treat.  I was also able to meet many bloggers I’ve had in my FFF. (future feature file) AND meet so many that are now added to that FFF.

While walking into the hotel, I hear someone screaming my name.  I turn to see a car load of some of my favorite Utah bloggers!  And because they have BIG cars in Utah, you know it was stuffed full of bloggers! I knew all of them but one sweet gal stuffed in the back.  Stacy.  She handed me her cute card.  Once I got home I realized she was already in my FFF.  Cute girl.  Best skin and hair ever.

Not Just a House Wife

This girl is handy!  Not only is she gorgeous, she knows her way around the garage.   I’m sure she said what kind of saw she used for this frame……a skill saw?  A jig saw?  Who cares……….she made it.  Anything with those shapes, I LOVE!diy frame

During our last night, I got some “one on one time with her.  Love her.  She was telling me about Better Homes and Gardens coming to her home…..I think for her Master Bedroom???  But really what they should be showing is this lamp she made.  Seriously, is there anything a Utah girl can’t do?  She drew all those cute paisley’s, then painted them, then cut all that wood, stained it and made a lamp out of it.  Pottery Barn’s got nothing on lamp

You know she’s a girl after my own heart if she finds ugly furniture and makes it pretty.  One of my favorite things to do…….look at before and afters.  She has a full tutorial on how she did the top.  See what you can do with a little elbow grease and paint?  Who needs those over priced furniture stores?

Here’s another lamp made from wood scraps…….but round.  Very very cute!  Love the fabric, love the color!  I’m sure if she was my neighbor, she would make whatever I wanted……yep, sure of it.Well there ya have it.  I would love to show you more and write more……..because she is such a cutie, but I am chaining to my computer doing a bit of work for The Creative Connection.

I hope you’ll all head over to her site and leave her LOTS of comments.  Surprise her! Then she’ll think I’m pretty cool and isn’t that what it’s really about?  :)

If you leave me a comment, I’ll enter your name for the monthy drawing of a Lisa Leonard Necklace.




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  1. ashlee says

    What a FUN feature! I just adore Stacy and it was SO much fun to meat her in real life!

  2. RobsGirlDebbie says

    Sounds like a great time meeting talented bloggers. LOVE the lamps-very cool!

  3. says

    WOW! What a fun surprise!!!! It is the “best day of my life” :) Thank you so much. I absolutely loved meeting you and you don’t have to be my neighbor for me to make you whatever you want. . .

  4. Emily {WhipperBerry} says

    I am so happy you featured Stacy! She deserves to have a “best day of her life”! :) I love that girl, even though she lives so far away!

  5. Sarah S. says

    Wow! People who can draw stuff free hand amaze me. I have to trace everything! Good job Stacy! You are one talented lady!

  6. says

    Stacy is pretty much awesome! All of her projects blow me away and then to meet her in person…she couldn’t be nicer or cuter! Yeah for Stacy…I know it is the best day of her life.

  7. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    I LOVE her site! How fun for her to have the best day of her life! :) Love it!! So thrilled to meet so many of you wonderful ladies last weekend!!!

  8. says

    Congratulations Stacy! You totally rock and so deserve it! love the projects you chose Kim- those are some serious skillz for sure!

  9. says

    Stacy is a complete sweetheart….and so stinkin’ talented it’s hard to comprehend. I want to use powertools so badly. And yet, they scare the pants off me. And NO ONE wants to see me without pants. Best day of your life, Stacy. And YOU deserve it! (great feature, Kim)

  10. says

    Love, love that circle lamp. I love Stacy even more! She is amazing and hilarious and I totally agree about her skin! Oh so jealous of that flawless skin!

  11. says

    What a great feature! I just recently discovered Stacey ( I know, I know…I have been missing out!) She is so talented!

  12. Kim @ seven thirty three says

    I Love Stacy! That girl has talent! Thanks for featuring her today… everyone should really know her! 😉

  13. Miranda says

    Hi, Kim. You should know that somebody’s talking about ya, and it’s all good :) It’s Becca, and boy is she right. I’m so glad that she did, and I just wanted to second the motion! You are most ________ (just fill in the blank with any amazing superlative!) because that is just what you are. Thank you for giving us all shout-outs and making our days. You need a shout-out, too! Love ya!


  14. says

    Hey Kim, I miss you already! You’re amazing and I had such a great time with you. Becca is working at making this the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. I see lots of love coming your way.

  15. says

    Stacy is very talented and so fun to meet this weekend! Congrats on the best day of your life, Stacy!

    But I also think Becca had a great idea about you, Kim! Meeting you was one of the highlights of my Creative Estates weekend. You are even more supportive and wonderful IRL than on the blog, if that is possible! And you have great shoes! :-)

    Seriously, thank you for sharing all of your wisdom and love with us all this weekend! You are amazing!

  16. says

    Dear Kim,
    Today I am making eggs for breakfast, then running errands, working on my re-cap post, and painting my nails. Oh wait….this isn’t a twitter update…it’s a love letter!

    Oh how I felt so welcomed around you. Warm and fuzzy. And when you spoke…I just wanted to take it all in and be an even better person. Because, really, I think I’m pretty OK already! But you, you reminded me that life is about others too and that circumstances are all different, and if we don’t take ourselves to seriously {which sometimes takes our husbands reminding us} we really do make a difference in other peoples lives!

    I loved plopping down on the floor all un-lady like and crying and laughing with you as we shared similar thoughts in our hearts. You are truly a beautiful person…inside and out…and when I grow up, I want to be just like you. Not that you are old or anything….I just want your grace and wisdom as I get older! Love you to pieces.

    ♥ april

  17. says

    Wow! Stacy has some serious skills! I’m inspired for sure :)
    I met Stacy briefly, but did not have a chance to really chat with her (bummer). And Kim, we kinda-sorta-briefly met at the very last farewell bash… I was with my sweet gal-pal Canela of Cinnamon*Sticks when you both got to chattin’.

    What I really loved about you, is that you are down to earth & you tell it like it is! You know your business! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor with us :)

    Tracy {aka Creme de la Gems}

  18. Beverly @ says

    Hey Kim! I left a comment for Stacy yesterday but this one is for you!
    Becca from Blue Cricket featured you today and I agree with everything she said! Not only are you funny and fabulous but I love that you devote so much time on your blog to featuring other crafters! Thank you for always being so captive and encouraging! :)

  19. says

    great stuff;-) !! i read the post about you at blue cricket design, and I think it’s absolutely true! You rock big time!;-)

  20. says

    Becca was dead on when she explained your amazing traits. Wonderful hair… wait…. that’s pretty amazing, but even more than that is how you make people smile every single day. And can I tell you that YOU are the best memory that I took away from last year’s Phoenix Bloggy Boot Camp? Yes, YOU. I count you as one of my blessings :)

  21. says

    Last year you featured my itty bitty blog and it was seriously THE BEST blogging day EVER. What you said about my home and posts will never be forgotten. You are just lovely, Stacy, and I’m soooo glad I was reminded by BCD to take a sec to comment here.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to write about my little spot in the universe…

    -gillian greding

  22. Emily O says

    The Bloggy Camp would be awesome….thanks for highlighting it Kim! After leaving my job and trying to get my hands wrapped around this blog thing….it would be helpful and uber-fun! (fingers crossed)

  23. says

    Stacy was my roommate at Creative Estates. I didn’t want to like her because she actually looks totally adorable right when she rolls out of bed in the morning. But I couldn’t help it because not only is she incredibly cute and talented, but she is also hilarious, friendly, and fun! One of the best parts about CE was finding out that she lives just 15 minutes away from me. Woohoo!