DIY Vicks Shower Soothers

Both my husband and son have been hit by Spring colds which gave me a reason to try making DIY Vicks Shower Soothers. Remember those?  We used to use them when my son was small, but I wasn’t able to find them this past week.DIY Vicks Shower Soothers |


DIY Vicks Shower Soothers

My husbands cold was a couple of weeks ago and my son’s hit his past weekend, resulting in him staying home from school on Monday. Thank goodness this is a fast moving cold, I hate seeing my baby not feeling well.

I’ve pulled out the vaporizer, added a few drops of essential oils, (Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Camphor) to place in his room at night. I’ve rubbed his feet with Vicks (then you put socks on) and I made up a batch of these Shower Soothers like a Vick’s Shower Disk that fill the steamy air with nasal clearing goodness.

I picked up the oils I needed at New Seasons. I like blending these 3 together.

DIY Vicks Shower Soothers |

The bad thing is, my son is not a fan of these scents. He’s also not a fan of anything mint, but that’s beside the point. I make him use one in the shower to open up the airways and clear out the sinus’s.

DIY Vicks Shower Soothers |

I had never made these before, so I over did it on the oils….Oh my heck! When I opened the oven after baking them……I was hit with a blast of Mr. Vicks. My house smelled like a bath house and I’m pretty sure my silicone muffin molds will smell like Vicks forever.

I also realized I should have looked up how others made these…….but how hard could it be?  It’s just baking soda, essential oils and water……then bake and set aside. But like I mentioned, I added WAY too much of each oil and I would use less water next time since mine are pretty fragile. If they fall apart, I plan on just scooping a couple of tablespoons into the shower or use in the bath.  Why not?

DIY Vicks Shower Soothers |

They were still great in the shower however.  To get the full affect, you may want to steam up your bathroom a few minutes before entering the shower. I placed mine on the side while the bathroom was steaming, then dumped it on the shower floor when I entered the shower. Even though I didn’t have a cold, this was still quiet soothing.

DIY Vicks Shower Soothers
  • 3 cups Baking Soda
  • ¾ cups water
  • Several Drops of each essential oil: Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Camphor
  1. In a bowl, combine and stir baking soda and water into a goopy paste. You can add the oils now, or add in layers as you fill your silicone muffin mold.
  2. Bake 350° for 20-25 minutes
  3. Set aside to cool and continue drying.
  4. If they're not strong enough, make a note for next time and you can always add drops after baking or before showering.
  5. Store in an air tight container, add extra drops before use.

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    I’ve made these before and find they turn out much better if you sit them on the counter and let them harden instead of baking. If you need them in a hurry bake them first and then add your essential oils afterword, that way you don’t cook them out! Also I found you want them a little stronger then you think when you use them! Hopefully everyone at your house is on the mend soon!

    • says

      Yes, that’s what I was thinking……about adding extra drops after they either sit out for days or bake. Or both! I’ve been adding a few drops to them before the shower and it’s been very nice!

  2. says

    Thanks, Kim! Can’t wait to try these next time we’re under the weather. Pinning to share. I love the Now Foods brand!

  3. says

    What a neat idea! I love using those shower soothers when I’m stuffed up but I never thought about making them myself.