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If you like to use your crafty diy skills to enhance your home decorating, then you’re going to love this blog.

Girl in Air

A flight attendant by trade, a crafty mom by choice……’ll love all of Michell’s projects.  Whether she’s decorating her home, or crocheting a hat for her etsy shop.


Covering this trunk with maps and making matching coasters makes for a room full of personality. 

Taking it a step further, she added her map theme to the wall.  Perfect for a traveling girl.

DIY Kids Room

I’m really liking this idea she did in her son’s playroom.  A magnetic wall. And a chalk board floor mat.  Pretty cool huh?She loved the alphabet so much she carried it over into another room.  She created each letter to have it’s own unique style.

And that Laundry room……………can you see the baby clothes?  She took her baby’s clothing, painted it white………..yes……painted it white and placed it in the frame.  Genius! No room for all your cookbooks in a cabinet?  How about one of these fun book shelves?  She’s got a full tutorial for you. Looks like she’s also a fan of my friend Stephanie’s book.  Who doesn’t love Stephanie’s book?  It’s perfect for the Fall and Winter season.

Ok, you know what your job is right?  Head on over and surprise her, letting her know she’s the featured blogger at TCB!  If you don’t tell her………how will she know?


Getting ready for the Creative Holiday Gift Guide.  If you have an online boutique you’d like some exposure for, let me know.  Last year was a great success!  Just drop me a line.  krjdemmonATgmailDOTcom



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  1. Vivienne @ The V Spot says

    I love, love, love Michell’s projects! I don’t know where she finds the time, but everything she does is fabulous!

  2. Michell @ Girl In Air says

    OMG!! I’m crying! You have no idea what this means to me…..just last night a family member who thinks my blog is a ‘joke’ was making me feel rotten and I said you know I influence people and encourage people….and they laughed in my face…

    THIS makes it all better! Thank you beyond words!

    • nik says

      ohgoodgolly you most definitely encourage and inspire gaziliions of us! Your blog is an amazing and superfun resource…your edible crayon tutorial alone makes me so grateful you are out there!
      Just let that negativity breeze right by you like a leaf in the wind…you are talented and creative and you generously share your gifts. Many thanks!