Do it Yourself

Why pay department store prices if you can make your own decor?


Learning to make some of our home decor is becoming very popular!  At least from what I can see.  We’ve got mom’s making benches, headboards and more! We love a good tutorial…..well at least I do.

Brittany is a Pretty Handy Girl!

Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany has a beautiful blog and was kind enough to help me with blog critiques a couple of weeks ago in my community.  Of course when I visited her blog, I fell in love with the Mud room bench.  Holy Smokes!

DIY Projects

I dream of a home with a mudroom.  So did Brittany.  She decided to create her own mudroom.  Perfect place to store all the junk. Coats, school backpacks, shoes, hats, gloves… get the picture.    What is even more spectacular is that she used several pieces of furniture parts to make the bench and mirror.  So cool!


Her mind must be working all the time.  This looks like an antique, a grand piece of furniture.  Why can’t she be my neighbor?mud room bench

One weekend her husband left for the weekend, taking the boys with him.  Now most women would head to get a pedicure, grab some Chinese food and curl up with a good book or movie.  (well that’s what I would do anyway), but Miss Thang here decided she wanted to build a reading space for her darling children.

DIY Home Projects

Telling people your children read in the closet,  may not be the best idea………unless they’ve seen your closet.  This is amazing!

After- closet reading nook

Here’s her before and after……boy she really knows how to live it up.

closet make over

She did a great job transforming her office.

DIY House Projects

dark, heavy and kids ransacking. :)

Light, fresh and no ransacking.  I didn’t show the photos of her tutorial. She used a couple of old doors for her desk top.  A lot less expensive than a new desk.

DIY Painting

Why not just create it yourself?  Seriously…..who is this woman?   And why isn’t she in my neighborhood?

She even made her own roses for Valentines day.  Does her husband know how lucky he is?

DIY Crafts

She has a wonderful tutorial on how to make these beauties.  She added these to last weeks Get Your Craft On.  (and she linked back….thank you very much)felt rose

Maybe had I gone to Blissdom……..maybe I would have received one of these.  I’m just going to keep telling myself that.

DIY Gifts

She made a few of these for bloggers that she follows.  She made these from mouse traps!  MOUSE TRAPS!  If you don’t believe me, you can head over to her site and check out the tutorial.  She seems so sweet.

Please pay her a visit, and surprise her with a ton of comments.

Pretty Handy Girl

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  1. Gramma Teetsie says

    Do you know how lucky these people are that you feature in your blog? Of course it helps when they are as “Creative” as they are, but you SHOW people these ideas. I LOVE the closet. Maybe if I can ever get my daughter to come back to NY I can get her to help me with one of those. (Of course, that is silly, shy would anyone want to come to NY from AZ?) Anyway, thank you for all the great, creative (hence the title of your blog) ideas.

  2. EFY says

    Great ideas! I love the mudroom piece. If my kids were little, I would definitely have to do this. Now, a size 13 boot would need a very large spot on the shelf! I’m headed over to Pretty Handy Girl. Thanks!

  3. says

    YOU SO SURPRISED ME!!!!! I have tears in my eyes from the incredibly nice things you had to say about me and my blog. Kim, you are the best. AND, I am very sad that I didn’t get to meet you at Blissdom. Are you going next year?

    Gramma Teetsie, I now realize how lucky I am to have had Kim feature me. I hope your daughter will visit you for a weekend and help you with a DIY project.

    Have a great week all!

  4. says

    you know you hurt me right??!! YOU keep expanding all the blogs I need to visit, my blog reader is super large :):)..that PHG is awesome too! I didn’t leave her a comment today since I’m SUPPOSED to be packing for a girls getaway instead of trolling your blog but will go back next week and look around and leave lots of love…gotta run but have a great weekend!!!

  5. says

    I’m not kidding, I just spent 2 days visiting Brittany’s site and designing new projects to do. Like I need a longer list. She’s got so many inspiring ideas and ohsoamazing illustrating/painting talent, I couldn’t help myself. 😉