Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

I shared these with Kelly for the Craft Bake Sew event and thought I’d share them here in case you missed it. Everyone needs Easy Gift Wrapping ideas. These couldn’t be easier and they look cute too!

DIY Gift Bags

These DIY Gift Bags are perfect for me. I’m a lazy crafter.  I like quick crafts with little fuss that look amazing! I wish I had the attention span to spend hours on a project, but I don’t.  I also hate gift wrapping. It never turns out the way I want.  My expectations outweigh my talents.  Because of my lack of gift wrapping detail, I have perfected the gift bag.  I use simple kraft paper bags…………. lunch sacks. They’re my favorite, and perfect for a quick gift to a neighbor or a teacher.

DIY Gift Bag

I also love printables.  I combined my love of printables with my love of kraft paper bags.  My Holiday Cheer printable is back by popular demand because it’s so dang cute. I decided to shrink it down to use for a different purpose other than framing it. Thinkin’ outside the box……. Looks pretty cute! diy gift bags

Below, I also used a holiday candy bar wrapper from my friend Marlynn at Urban Bliss Life.  Shrunk it down and added it to a scalloped piece of paper. Simple. Didn’t take a ton of time, but once again……..so so cute! diy gift bag

Another simple way to create an awesome gift bag is using unconventional materials. We’re already using a lunch sack, so why not also use other paper goods that you normally wouldn’t.  Like old sheet music. diy gift bags I picked mine up at a garage sale and it also happened to be Christmas music.  Perfect for making tags or wrapping.

Other ideas…… use maps, newspaper, old books, patterns etc…

Download your free Holiday Printables

My friend Caroline from Always Expect More summed it up for me in regards to the recent tragedies. I am raw and heart sick like the rest of you and although it’s a beautiful sentiment, I chose not to participate in the day of silence as many bloggers are. It’s not out of disrespect for the families or the victims, it’s just that I want a soft place to land online if someone struggling is looking to my blog today for something to distract them.

“As you see fellow bloggers, friends, and even brands posting this week, and through the holidays, please don’t assume that they are carrying on “business as usual”. This might be their way of coping. Of getting away from the mainstream media. Of finding a “happy place” where they don’t have to think about the awful loss … of life, of innocence…
And perhaps, if I post something “trivial” today, tomorrow, the next day… it will give someone else an escape. Yes, we are all renewing our belief in the fragile nature of lives… we are holding our children closer… but to be immersed in this tragedy makes no sense. Because there will never be an “acceptable” answer to why we lost so many wonderful teachers and innocent children.
I have a 4 year old and an infant. I am NOT talking with them about what happened. My preschooler gets to keep his innocence for a little longer. And he needs a mom who can escape from all of this as well.
This weekend, and in the weeks to come, I WANT to see pictures of my pregnant friends, of kids sitting on Santa’s lap. I WANT to see blog posts about crafts I can do with my children and friends. And I even WANT to see sponsored content. Because that tells me that no matter what kind of horrific acts make us pause – nothing and nobody can stop this great nation.”



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    Such fun ideas! And thanks for sharing how you cope. This blog is absolutely a soft place for any of us DIY folks to land on a rough (or unimaginably tragic) day.