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Books: Ricky Dee & Mindy
Blog Conference: Laura P
It’s Friday and that can only mean ONE thing.  Fabulous Friday Giveaway! I’ve got 2 giveaways today! Enter your comment below letting me know what giveaway you want.  If you want to be entered for both, leave 2 comments.
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First up –
The gals from Six Sisters Stuff gave me a free ticket to their blog conference…….and one to giveaway!   (sadly I can’t go, it’s my son’s birthday)  But you can go…..if you win! If you’re a  new blogger, this would be a great place to start.
Build Your Blog 2013

Build Your Blog Conference will be on Saturday February 16, 2013.  It will be held at the Miller Professional Development Center at Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus 9750 South 300 West Salt Lake City, UT 84070.  Registration will be from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and classes will start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m.  The conference has four sessions and attendees will get to choose from 18 different speakers to choose from!  The day is going to be full of fun, learning, networking, and all about blogs!  The mission behind the Build Your Blog Conference is to help beginners, established, and pro bloggers to learn how to build their blog!  Here is the a list of speakers and the topics that will be discussed at the conference.

To enter this giveaway simply state in my comments that you’d LOVE to go to the conference.  


My second Giveaway is from my friend Stephanie at Somewhat Simple. You’ll love this!


Do you ever wish you could take a peak into your child’s young mind and see what it is that makes them think, feel and act how they do? Do you sometimes worry that you’re not communicating with them very well or that you might be missing a teachable moment to help them grow, feel safe, and feel loved?

Are you ready to spend time with them individually and no longer miss out on the details of their day?!?

I know parenting isn’t easy… but it is one of the most rewarding things any of us will ever be a part of! (So many ups & downs, am I right?!) I’ve shared plenty of fun activities on my blog that encourage us to spend time with our children, but the idea I am going to share with you today takes it even one step further.

“Life According to Me” is a darling child’s journal written by Stephanie from Somewhat Simple that will help you capture their youth and give you an inside glimpse of your child’s thoughts and feelings- all while having FUN!

It’s more than a boring journal with lined pages- it is fun & interactive with 30 pages of daily prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and spaces for kids to draw and doodle. If you can get your kid’s creative juices flowing and open the door for communication, you’ll catch a better glimpse of what is going on in their little brains.

Perfect for kids of all ages!

Older kids can write their thoughts, little kids can use the space to draw pictures or you can encourage them to do a combination of both!

One of the best features of this journal is the spot on each page for your child to write a letter to you and the space for your response.

{You’ll love this amazing portal into your child’s mind!}

They write about ANYTHING they want – from funny things that happened at school, to questions about their science projects and information about their secret crush.

Get ready to experience moments of their day that you would have missed and the small details of their lives you could have easily brushed aside.

Your response will show your appreciation for them, to make sure they know that you love them. Validate their thoughts so they know they were heard and share bits of wisdom when a moment presents itself.

These letters will create a place for you to communicate with each other frequently.

Keep It Fun:

You don’t want this magic passageway to close up or disappear, so keep journal writing fun! Stephanie has the following suggestion that she implemented with her kids:

“I decided I would let each of them pick one weeknight where they get to stay up 10-15 minutes passed bedtime and climb in my bed where we can write in our journals, together. It is amazing what a later bedtime does for a kid! They get to stay up while their siblings go to bed, and I get to spend some individual time with each of my kids learning more about them. It is a win-win!”

Want to get your hands on a copy for your kids?

Start creating precious moments within your home TODAY for only $5.95!

  • Create a closer relationship with your child.
  • Document their lives and capture their personalities
  • Offer comfort and support when they may feel alone or scared
  • Create a priceless piece of family history, a special keepsake to share with their future children.

This is such a small investment in money and time, but the “payout” is HUGE!

Start the new year with the best investment of your life- time well spent with your child!

Click HERE to purchase your copy.

Add to Cart

*This is a DIGITAL E-Book. It will not be shipped to you. You will receive a download code immediately upon payment.

Two lucky readers will win their very own copy!


To Enter to win one of two copies, simply state in your comment that you’d like to win the book. 



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  1. says

    I would LOVE to win a ticket to BYB! I just barely found out about it, and since I have to come up from ST. George it would be so nice to have a break on registration to cover all the other expenses to get there. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. says

    Oh man would I LOVE to go to the conference!!! What a fun, networking, learning, blogging, friend making experience it will be for everyone there! So excited for a chance to win a spot! Thank you :)

  3. says

    Would love to win the life according to me book. It would be so fun to work on with our grandchildren. If we win one then we’ll still buy one for the other : ) Have to keep it fair!

  4. Stacey Rothrock Steinfeld says

    I would like to win this book! Somedays I have no idea what is going on in our twins heads!

  5. Kathy Terry says

    What a beautiful journal/book! I love the whole idea. Would love to win one to give my daughter for her baby girl.

    Thanks for offering such a wonderful gift.

  6. Leah says

    Wow who wouldn’t love one of these books. I have started a Mum and Me journal for my eight year old and of course my remaining three kids want one as well. But to have such a cute journal would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Gwynette says

    You find the cutest things. That journal for a young child is adorable.I would LOVE to have it to do with he my Granddaughter. Right now she is almost 8 months and we are very close. It would be so much fun and then to walk along side her as she writes in it…what a blessing.

    Thanks for all your work on this blog!

    Gwynette Kea Werth
    Gwynette Kea Jewelry Design Studio

  8. maureen mcgraw says

    Hi- you are so much an inspirtion to me. am hoping to start my own blog soon. Been saving up ideas and taking pics of projects I do for possible future use in my blog. To attend the BYBC would be awesome and get me reaedy to BLOG. Thank you for your giveeaway. Maureen

  9. Jennifer T says

    I am soooooooo ready for the Blog Conference. I am beginning to build my blog next week so this is very timely for me. I’m an excellent learner and love, love, love gaining knowledge. Blog is still a big scary four letter word that I want badly to be unafraid of! Pick me. Pick me.
    Thank you.

  10. Melody says

    I would love to win a ticket to the blog conference. I have been toying with doing a blog that everyone could read and a blog conference would be perfect to get all the information I need. Thank You!

  11. Catherine Haley says

    What an amazing and creative idea!
    And I think the comment about letting kids stay up 15 minutes later to journal is an excellent teaching idea. I would LOVE o win one. Are they available for purchase if I don’t win?
    Thanks a million
    Catherine in Canada

  12. Paula says

    I LOVE blogging and would love to be better at it! I’d love to win the ticket to go to the blogging conference!

  13. Natasha Marr says

    I would really love to win the e-book, what a wonderful way to get an insight into what goes through your childs mind, i have 4 wee wonders myself and think this book is just an awesome idea. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs xNx

  14. Kim Brody says

    I’d like to win the book, please! Perfect for my 6 year old clever and hilarious daughter and I to do together!

  15. says

    I would LOVE to attend the conference in Utah…it would be amazing…my bloggy business partner lives there and it would be a beautiful reason to visit her and the family!!! Thank you!

  16. says

    I would love to win a copy of the journal for kids, but I think I’m going to purchase one immediately for my darling homeschool daughter…she loves journaling and this one looks very special. Thank you!

  17. Diana says

    I would like to win a book for my niece. This book would be great for them. Again thank you for the chance to enjoy this book.

  18. says

    I would LOVE to go to BYB. Those Six Sisters are just the best…
    I get so sad when I see all the fun other bloggers have at conferences and i am stuck at home. It would be an honor to go and learn and meet some new blog friends-actually face to face!

  19. Chacoy says

    I would LOVE to win the BYB Conference Ticket! It would be perfect for gaining knowledge about how to build my blog and to meet new people!
    Thank you for the opportunity(;

  20. says

    I would LOVE to go to the BYB Conference! I wanted to go as soon as I found out, but we just didn’t have the extra $$$ in our budget. Trying to save for a house. My sister is in SLC, it would be a great excuse to go and visit her.

  21. Lee says

    I have six girls and would love to use this as way to know what they are thinking! WHat a great idea!

  22. Laura says

    Kim I would love to go to the “build your Blog” Conference I need all the help I can get!! I just love Steph’s book it is adorable!!!

  23. says

    I would love to win a pass to BYB conference! I wish I could just buy a ticket, but winters are hard- so I’ll just have to cross my fingers. :)

  24. says

    I would LOVE to go to the BYBC blog conference!!! I have so much to learn in regards to blogging, and it would be a fun opportunity to learn!