Flea Market Beauties

Flea Markets

I love a good flea market! I always find way too many things I want to bring home and decorate with.

The Farrier’s Daughter

I saw this old window at The Junk Salvation, a flea market that was happening near me a few weeks ago.  This old window was in a booth belonging to two cute sisters.

They said they even knew my blog.  {{blushing}}  They even took a picture of me with them…..but I am NOT photogenic, so I’m sure that’s why she didn’t post it on her blog.  {thank you}.  Besides……..remember I had NO make up on, yoga pants……and who really wants to stand next to these beauty queens and have their photo taken?  Seriously.  Farrier's Daughter

Flea Market Decorating

They had some old stuff with a fresh twist.  Like this old window…..I know animal heads or skulls are the new thing to decorate with and hang on your walls, but I won’t be going there.  And before you think I’m a pansy city folk, I’ll have you know I grew up in Central Oregon……so I’ve been there done that.  But I like the silhouette of an animal head.  I do.old windowsI got a lovely email from Lindsey today telling me about her Cowgirl Canteens.   Now I’m not much a drinker, but I’m thinking I could put a margarita in one of these.   Pretty cute.  flask cover

She’s obviously pretty handy with the sewing machine……….darn her!  Whipping up these cute aprons, then making cute rosette headbands.  Oh the talent.vintage homemade apronsI found only a couple of shots of her home.  Looks like she needs to invite me over so I can snoop swoon.

restored claw foot tubI would love to write more, but my son is asking question after question about homographs, so I must go be a mom.

More stuff you gotta see:



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  1. EFY says

    What a darling lacy top in that first photo. Isn’t your job fun, finding all these great blogs?!

  2. Charlotte Knox says

    Loved this post and their blog. Keep up the good work. We all depend on you. no pressure.

  3. says

    I’ve been staging all day so couldn’t check my computer. I love this post. Old windows are one of my faves. Love ’em. What a fun idea to do a silhouette. And the apron, etc. is wonderful. I want to see her home too! I also am going to learn how to (or relearn how to crochet so I can make fun scarves and pins and love your giveaway. You have a great blog! I’m just learning and need some techy help bad before I can do much more!