Flea Market Shopping

This past weekend was a BIG flea market sale at The Barn House Boys.  My girlfriend and I  headed out for some junkin!    There is nothing we like more than a little flea market shopping!

I thought I would look up some of the vendors and low and behold, they do have blogs!  Yipee!

Just so you know………I WAS THERE…….RIGHT THERE! I had that burlap pillow in my junk lovin hands……I was going to buy it….I was…….I was so close, then I decided it was too scratchy for the room I wanted to use it in…….Burlap how I love thee, but why so scratchy?flea market shopping
Bella was a cute cute vendor!  I loved looking through her things. I really wanted that tool bin drawer looking thing below……flea market finds And I also had one of these burlap runners in my junk lovin hands………but as cute as it is……the ruffle was too big for me.  I’m now regretting it.  I love it.What I did end up buying was a piece of Ironstone…….my new obsession. flea market iron stone
I bought one of her larger plates and I almost bought that little one too…..dang it!  More regrets.

In fact when I was waiting to pay, her husband came up behind me and said “I’ll take that”…….since he didn’t have on a cute little dress or apron that is so popular with the vendors, I gave him the stink eye that told him I wasn’t falling for his con job……..until “bella” told me he was with her.  Silly me.

We had SO much fun at the sale.  If it weren’t for my friend Debi (our dog’s breeder), I wouldn’t have realized that the gal taking our money to get in was Heather Bullard. flea market divas
Duh!  And then walking through one of the booths, she pointed out that I had featured the vendor as well…….we were walking through Tracy’s booth.  A past feature.  flan market shoppers
Notes from a Cottage Industry.  So much fun!  She lives in Camas now! That’s where I live!!!  Maybe she’ll come over and help me with my living room?   Had it not been for my friend, I wouldn’t have known what junkin legends I was walking amongst.

And now Bella……she’s in my neck of the woods too.  Oh the future’s looking bright!



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  1. Gramma Teetsie says

    I love that kind of “Stuff” but I am not as crafty as those girls. My “Stuff” is just that. “STUFF”. Becca would say horder but I love the way they put things together and show things off. But that “Sun flower” holder, planter, thingy, that I LOVE. Wish it wasn’t so far away. I would get that. But I would have to put “fake” sun flowers in it for now because we can’t get rid of the freakin SNOW to be able to grow beautiful sun flowers.

  2. Sonnet Gal says

    I love junk because it really isn’t junk at all! I like being able to pick something up and add it to a table scape. It’s just that this “having a job thing” gets in the way of junking like I want to. :-)