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Today was a special treat!  I got to meet up with a friend I met via social media and we talked about her food blog, my creative blog and all things non-blogging. We’ve gotten together a few times and like always, it’s like we’ve known each other for years. Not everyone “gets” your job and that’s OK, but it’s nice when they do.


Spoon & Saucer


Brandie used to focus all her online expertise on helping brands build their business, but has since sold her business and moved onto another love. FOOD!  Her new site is a labor of love and you instantly feel a sense of warmth while visiting. I like her no nonsense and simple approach to food. I am also loving her photos.  Taking food photos is hard.  I’m always in awe of a good food photo…… (my friend Cheryl with Tidy Mom always has amazing photos)

Food Blogging

While we were chatting, we were talking about how some things seem so hard…….but really aren’t……….like making your own Vanilla Extract. I was SHOCKED to find out how easy it was and what the main ingredient is…..besides vanilla beans of course.

Brandie has the recipe if you’re interested in making some.  What a great gift idea. How to Make Vanilla Extract

We sat there chatting about how things in the kitchen don’t have to be hard. “It’s easier than you think” she kept saying. Like this homemade bread.  This is a 5 minutes a day bread and she swears it’s easy…….so I’ll take her word for it and may try it out sometime soon, because……….who doesn’t love homemade bread?

Homemade Bread

Since I love bread so much, of course her Pretzel Rolls caught my eye. Yum! I could live on these alone and be very happy.

Pretzel Rolls


Since she takes such a sensible approach to the kitchen, it really didn’t surprise me to see such a great idea for food storage. Looks good and functional too! Love that. Sometimes “simple” is staring you in the face.

food storage

I also found the coolest Cheat Sheet Info Graphic on her site! I would love to have it and frame it for art.  I think you’ll also love her Fab Finds. She’s a sharer like me.  We can’t keep anything to ourselves. food blog

It’s been a while since I featured anyone, but hopefully you haven’t forgotten what to do.  You shower them with visits!  Let her know she’s been featured……surprise her!


Take Better Food Photos!  

If you’re interested in learning how to photograph food, I’ve recently found a great ebook series that breaks it down in simple terms…….I don’t like anything confusing. Hopefully someday my food photos will be AMAZING too!

 Click here to visit Photographing Food.

food photography




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    Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for featuring my lil’ blog. If anyone has a question or something I can help with, do let me know! I’m off to get another batch of vanilla going. :)