Frozen Whipped Cream Dollops for Hot Chocolate

I’ve been wanting to try these super simple frozen whipped cream dollops for hot cocoa.  A friend of mine told me about them and while I’ve been putting whipped cream topping in my hot chocolate forever, I had never thought about freezing little dollops.  I added colorful sprinkles because it’s prettier. This is the perfect compliment to a yummy baked treat like my cream cheese apple bread!

hot cocoa toppings

I was expecting my dollops to turn out like Creative Mama’s. Goes to show that it makes a difference if you use the spray can whipped topping like I did, or make them from real whipped cream.

freezing whipped cream

Since I had this epiphany of freezing whipped topping, I of course started seeing it everywhere and I’m the last person on earth to do this.


frozen whipped cream hot cocoa topper


I am very curious about freezing whipped cream and using a cookie cutter to cut out a festive shape like Bakingdom did.  Perfect for winter holidays, or just for fun.

I was expecting my dollops to turn out like 
frozen whipped cream


Maybe I’m late to the hot cocoa party and you’ve been doing this for years………but if I can help just ONE person realize they can have frozen dollops with sprinkles for their hot chocolate………..then this post was worth it. :)



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  1. says

    I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, either, but it looks like I need to. I drink way too much hot chocolate for my own good.

  2. Laura says

    Kim those look so yummy!!! As long as its cold outside its never too late for Hot Chocolate!!!

    • Kim says

      Thank you! They are SUPER easy and I’m sure they’d look better had I used REAL whipped cream instead of the spray can.

    • says

      I just drove over the 205 bridge and yes, it’s FREEZING! I had a hot Vanilla Steamer in my hands to warm me up!