Decorating a Game Room

Poor Michelle.  She must want to pinch my head off.  I met Michelle for the first time last summer.  Darling girl.  I totally thought I had featured her……..since my “A” list page isn’t updated (need assistant) and a search didn’t pull her up, my guess is that I haven’t featured her.  I’ve seen her 2 times since the time I thought I had featured her…..she must think I don’t like her blog.  So NOT true.

A Little Tipsy

Because I’m a mature adult, I can admit when I’m wrong……so I’m featuring her TODAY!  You are going to love all the game room decor she’s made.   Really cute stuff that you can use anywhere, but if you do have a play room or game room………these are perfect!

Home Game Room

These domino’s are SO SO SO cute.  They look pretty easy to make too.  She’s got a full tutorial on her site if you need your hand held like me.  She shined hers up with EnviroTex, and I know it can be spendy…….but don’t let that stop you. Just don’t use it.  These would look darling on a mantle, or hanging on the wall.
game room decorHow about some dice to go along?  Love these.  Wouldn’t these look cute in a bigger version for stools?  game room decorI am loving what she did with this old table.  These tables are a dime a dozen in your local thrift store.  In fact I just drove past one on the sidewalk with a free sign.  Great idea to turn it into a game table.  Yep……tutorial on her game tableMichelle does more than just play games.  She makes all kinds of stuff.  She’s crafty……of course she is……she’s from Utah.  I am SO glad I saw this wreath on her site.  I now know what to do with those stupid phone books.  It’s a love/hate relationship……..well actually it’s pretty much hate.  Now I see a reason to have one.  To make stuff like this.Phone book recycled projectsI bet had I already featured her and she wasn’t irritated with me, she would have made me these homemade oreo’s while I was visiting Utah.  The sprinkles make them even more impressive.Oreo recipe I hope Michelle forgives me for not realizing I hadn’t featured her. And if I really did, but I couldn’t find it…….then she’s featured again.

Go see what this beautiful girl is up to. Go surprise her and tell her it’s the Best Day Of Her Life!  :)



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  1. says

    Michelle is wonderful. Funny, kind and thoughtful! And completely amazing with innovative ideas and beautiful projects. Even if she had already been featured, she is one to look at twice. 😉

  2. says

    Have I died and gone to heaven? It is my best day ever, I made it to the A list! I actually squealed and clapped when I saw the comment. I am totally honored and so NOT going to pinch your head off.

    • Kim @ seven thirty three says

      Michelle deserves it! She is a great bloggy friend and mentor to many! :)

  3. says

    Yeah, seriously, Kim. Get with it. I can’t believe that you wouldn’t keep the A list updated… I kid, I kid!

  4. Vivienne @ The V Spot says

    So cool! If I had a game room, I would sooooo be making those dominoes!! I love that you featured her! She is fab. :)

  5. says

    I love Michelle! She is seriously one of the funniest people ever and so sincere. I wish she was my neighbor…

  6. says

    I thought you had featured her too, so I guess we are both losing our marbles. LOL!
    So happy for Michelle, she is awesome!!