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Most of you know I’m from the Pacific NW.  Most of you know I can get a bit crazy about recycling.  I’m lucky to live in an area of the United States that has the reputation for Simple living, green living.  Where Toyota Prius’ out number SUVs……..well at least in the city.  We pride ourselves for looking at ways to reduce, re-use and recycle.

While living in Portland (I now live about 15 min across state lines in the suburbs), I was a brand new mom trying to navigate my way into motherhood.   Looking back, I’m positive I had postpartum.  I desperately needed the assurance that I would survive.  I joined my local “mom’s” group.  I remember meeting one woman there who seemed to have it all together.  Sara.  She was beautiful, stylish and very sweet.  She was so calm when her baby would cry.  Granted, it was her 2nd, but it made me realize it was going to be OK.  Come to find out, she didn’t live to  far from me and we would head out for morning walks occasionally.  Then we moved.

Fast Forward- Another friend (Kirsten) who I have since learned lives in the same neighborhood takes my fitness classes.  I follow her on FB.  I noticed she had a new website.  I visited.  I went to leave a comment and saw Sara’s comment.  It took me a minute to realize I knew her.  Then I noticed she too had a blog!  How exciting.  I love blogs! :)

Go Gingham – Stylish, Frugal Living

Sara puts me to shame with her simple living.  I am crowning her queen of living green with so much style.  I have had fun reading her frugal ideas.  I thought you would too.

Frugal Living

I adored this idea of using an old sleeve for a wine cozy.  Not only is it reusable, but it’s SO original.  And doesn’t that make people feel more special?

make your own wine cozy

Whole Cooking

Sara has many posts on making healthy meals and shares her pantry basics.  There is no waste in this household.  I need to do better in this category.  I’m not a big left overs kind of gal.  I think I just heard her gasp.  I do love her stylish way of storing all her found recipes.

recipe file

One recipe I’ll have to try is this homemade granola.  She shares the recipe and it looks pretty easy.  My husband loves granola.granola recipe

Sara even has something for the kids.  DIY Ping Pong table.   Great idea!  And a little imagination at the same time.  make your own ping pong tableHead on over……your job is to leave her a comment, surprising her that she’s been featured.  Leave her LOTS of comments…….then she’ll think I’m the cool one.  :)

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  1. says

    I couldn’t even finish reading this out loud to my family this morning because my eyes were stinging with tears and my voice was all choked up! What a lovely walk down memory lane when our babes were so little and not so sassy!

    I’ve had several comments this morning from your fabulous readers and had to see what was going on over here. All I can say is thank you! You are so kind to have done this. I’m feeling the linking love!

    • Kim says

      Now you have me tearing up! Those were the days…….I miss my old hood. Can’t wait to meet up with you and Kirsten.

  2. Kim says

    So you quit the gym? :( But I do understand.
    Yes, I’ve been on WP for awhile. But I didn’t do any of the design work. I actually will have a new design installed very soon. {{squeal}}
    We’re all going to have to meet up sometime so I can be sad I don’t live in the hood any longer. Miss you.

  3. Ann says

    Those notebooks are so cute! I would love to do that for school as well. I will never have a plain notebook again!