Halloween Decorations

Ok, now we know why places like Target put out their halloween decorations in July.  Because it’s people like Jen that will buy them! Curses!


It looks like she’s been decorating for Halloween for months now.  I always have all these grand plans……..to really do it up for Halloween.  But year after year, there I am unpacking the Halloween stuff about 3 days before the actual day.  I dream of having a cool decorated porch, but it’s the one time of the year that my husband takes over.  Need I say more?  You can see the his madness here.

But my son is getting older and I want him to have some memories of some cool decorations…….besides my husbands flare on the porch….so maybe this is my year.  Maybe if I get started now, it will happen?

I found some great ideas that don’t look like they take a ton of time or money.  Love this candy wreath.  But do you think kids would be picking at it? Ahhh, who cares right?She got the idea for these from a Martha Stewart.  That is brilliant using the ribbon for bats.  You know I love ideas that don’t take a list of craft items.  This had that WOW factor for sure.

I think I’ll copy her on this Halloween tree.  Spray paint a few limbs, hang some plastic skulls……use a clear vase with candy corn…….LOVE IT!  Such a great way to decorate.  Other easy things to use, things I’ve used….popcorn, walnuts in the shell, beans, etc….

Here’s another great table topper.  Mummies!

Even better when she shows a full tutorial.

I can just see a mantle full of these ghost and witch jars.  SO simple, but so so creative.  My favorite kind of craft!

I know you’ll LOVE her blog. She has SO much more than just Halloween stuff.  So tell me…….have you started to decorate for Halloween?  Please tell me no.

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  1. Erika M says

    I love the Halloween decorations that you shared today. I think it is hilarious how all the craft stores start putting out Halloween and Christmas goodies in July – each year it seems to get earlier and earlier doesn’t it!

  2. says

    I’m a big fan of Halloween..I’ve even made some decorations already :)
    I haven’t actually put them out yet. So I’m not totally nuts!

  3. says

    Nope! Not yet! It has been everything I have not to post projects, but I promised myself I would wait till Sept 15th. Feel like I am a little behind if you know what I mean :) Especially after seeing these fun projects.
    I swear we are going to see Christmas crafts any day…I am not ready for that!

  4. says

    I walked into Hobby Lobby (craft store) about a month ago and was surprised to see Fall, Halloween AND Christmas stuff all arranged together! They had Christmas trees draped with a Fall leaves garland and placed scarecrows around it. It felt strange to me. LOL.

    I loved Halloween in my youth. I think it was mostly the parties and the candy that attracted me. I don’t decorate for Fall or Halloween much anymore. It is just me and my husband these days and the neighborhood kids don’t trick or treat much; so, I tend to feel it is too much work. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy looking at other people’s decorations. :)

  5. EFY says

    Well, cute ideas, but I don’t even decorate for halloween…So, you are way ahead of me! Now, Christmas is a different story. I do decorate but am always behind when it gets right down to it.


  6. Susan F. says

    Hey, my porch is part of the way “decorated” — I’ve got bunches of cob-webs! Thanks for all the ideas!

  7. Lisa Groves says

    Love the new site! I just hopped over there to let her know I’ll be making that trick or treat wreath with candies I was about to dump!!! Yeah!
    I stopped in at Target today and was actually surprised that the Halloween stuff was not up yet, the clerks were just pulling them all out of the boxes with the staging diagram. Looks cute!

  8. Vikki says

    Love all the ideas. I have pulled out a few things and started decorating for fall mainly. I have taken a few of my tole painted pumpkins that I did a long time ago and did a redo with some scrapbooking paper and modge podge to update them a bit. Kind of fun. I am also thinking of making the candy wreath, looks so fun and really with no kids of my own at home, if the Trick – or – Treaters start picking at it that will be ok since it will all go in the trash afterwards any way. Don’t want to save it and run the risk of an ant attack!!

  9. says

    well,since Halloween has been my favorite since….birth,lol,we start decorating waaaaaaaay early.soon as 4th of July is over!
    I adore this wreath…!
    have a great day

  10. michaela hoenigman says

    I am a total closet early Halloween decor girl! I start gathering things as soon as stores start putting them out in August!

  11. says

    I don’t love Halloween (nothing against it really, just not my thing?) but I LOVE that wreath!!! Thanks for the inspiration! I seriously need to make one of those now!

  12. Tamara says

    I haven’t even started thinking about Halloween but these are some great ideas that don’t look difficult to do! I think I’ll give those mummy bags a try for a few special little kids I know.

  13. Terri says

    I think my son’s would love it if I decorated more for Halloween, I am thinking I will try harder this year!!

  14. Jennie Larsen says

    Well what do I say first….. UMMM, THANK YOU! HUGE THANK YOU! I am so beyond flattered and filled with Joy. Thanks for the wonderful spotlight and for making me one happy girl.

    P.S. I totally have all my Halloween crafts tucked away until after the 28th.. of SEPT. that is when I pull out all my halloween stuff. 😉 I was giving everyone a HEAD HEAD START. 😉 P.P.S that Trick or Treat wreath would be super duper hard to get out, the sealed wrappers are where I hot glued them on. winks. THANKS A MILLION YOU REALLY MADE MY NIGHT. HUGS, Jen

  15. says

    I haven’t started decorating yet. But I do have plans for a table runner and wall hanging. I really want to make a lap quilt, but doubt I have time for that!

    When I was in college I lived in the dorm, and had a wreath made of candy just like that!

  16. says

    Wow! I love these ideas! I already printed out a bunch of her posts to use in my classroom (and at home). thank you for giving us Halloween ideas early enough to get them done. :)