Halloween Ideas

Where have these sisters been all my life?

Crafty Sisters

I found them a bit ago when they USED to link up to my Get Your Craft On………but I haven’t seen them lately…….or at least I don’t think I have.  They’re good.  Real good!

They love a fake topiary almost as much as I do.  Except they have the patience of a saint with the projects I’m seeing on their blog.  I made ONE gumdrop tree before I swore I would never make another one………then someone suggested I use a thimble next time.  DOH!  But still…….I really don’t think I’d have the endurance to do 7 of them.  Oh how I love a topiary! I LOVE how they used the jars.  And those striped dowels………seriously….the prep…….the attention to detail is amazing.

When you visit their blog, you see their love for bird houses.  But why not embellish them a bit more?  Using scrapbooking paper and paint, they created their own Halloween Village.  Amazing.  Why buy Halloween decorations when you can create original ones for less?  And a lot more fun.  You probably have an old wreath somewhere in your house.  Something with flowers on it would work best.  Grab that black spray paint and go to town.  They kicked it up a notch by making their own beady eyes from ping pong balls they bought at The Dollar store.  Add a few fake spiders and you’ve got yourself a Halloween Master Piece!  Genius sisters.Is there anything these sisters CAN’T do?  She just got done remodeling her son’s bedroom……….Pottery Barn Style.  She shares step by step of her decorating process with you.  We love that.  They also recover furniture.  Like these foot stools.

WOW!  I didn’t see that coming.  Those are gorgeous!

Remember their love for anything topiary?  Well if you’re going to have a fake topiary, then you’ve got to have a fake “old” planter.   With their tutorial, you’ll be tricking everyone.

Those turned out amazing……I am so jealous.  These look better than the ones you buy.  I love the braided twigs.  Brilliant……..again.

They’ve got another great tutorial on this pillow below……..the tree is hand stitched, the flowers were from a curtain……..

How ya feelin?  Talented?  Crafty?  Yea……..me either.  Inspired?  YOU BET!

Anyone who creates with burlap has my heart.  And don’t be fooled with those stripes.  It’s not from an old potato sack…….they actually painted those on.If you’re not completely worn out from all the stuff they do………take your last bits of energy and head on over to their blog.  Please leave them a comment letting them know I featured them.  (remember, I never let people know ahead of time.  I let you guys do the surprising!)

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  1. Linda says

    That eyeball wreath is absolutely wonderful 😀
    I will be checking their blog now as well, thanks for this really great find 😀


  2. gail says

    Candace and Nicole are sooo sweet, crafty, and amazing. Not to mention Nicole is a squirrel mommy! Twice over!
    love your blog and theirs!
    count me in on the giveaway!

  3. says

    ok…those candy topiaries are about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I have just the spot for those. I’m going to need to rent a storage locker for all the cute Halloween decorations I’ve made this year because of you. lol Thanks!

  4. EFY says

    I think the topiary trees are adorable. I’m afraid they wouldn’t last long in my home. Blessings!

  5. says

    Thanks Kim for featuring us today! What a thrill to be featured on your amazing blog! Thanks for all the sweet words and comments! We love what we do and are inspired daily by our wonderful friends and followers! We love spending time crafting together and are so lucky to live close enough to each other to do it on a regular basis. Thanks so much!!!

  6. Kendall says

    Wow- what crafty sisters indeed! And what COOL projects they create!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    Though I try mine never turn out as FAB:( Can’t wait to try some of these tutes though-thanks for sharing:)
    Have a great day!

  8. Rebecca says

    I love the candy topiaries! It’s definitely a challenge for me, but I think I’ll give it a try. Thank you! [i think!]

  9. Summer Lee says

    I love the eyeball wreath!! And the little Halloween town! SO CUTE!! Lots of inspiration!

  10. Alexis says

    Love the ideas! And…also love the necklace! I love Lisa and don’t own anything of hers, YET!

  11. Christine says

    I LOVE your blog and all the inspiration you find and share…thank you!! These are amazing topiaries and I love the “fake” old pots.

  12. Lisa says

    Darling ideas for Halloween! Also, I would love to win one of Lisa Leonard’s beautiful pieces. Thanks!!

  13. Peggy says

    I loved your site, except……
    It drove me crazy having to zig zag back and forth to try to read what was under each photo. It gave me a headache. Then when I went to comment I had to click on other comments before I could get to the place to leave one of my own.
    If you can correct whatever caused the staggering of the info on the first page, I would love to read this site.
    Don’t mean to be rude, just still have that headache. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    Thanks Again, Peggy

  14. Liberty says

    I love the topiary idea! Thanks for posting all these fab ideas…they make me want to do, do, do!

  15. Gianina says

    Thanks for yours ideas. Love Lisa Leonard Jewerly. Thanks for the chance.
    giamunoz at hotmail dot com

  16. Holly says

    I really like the eyeball wreath! I happen to have an old flower wreath too! The bird houses are a great idea to do with my girls. Thanks!