Oh how I love a white pumpkin!  LOVE!  I think they are the cutest and best things to decorate with for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Decorating with white pumpkins couldn’t be easier.  So versitle.

The Crafting Chicks

The Crafting Chicks are a group of friends pooling all their creative talents all in one blog.  You’ll never get bored with them.   One of the chicks planted a small white pumpkin plant….she ended up with enough to decorate a few rooms.  I think I’ll plant one next year.

This wreath isn’t something you see everyday.  She obviously doesn’t live in the beautiful Pacific NW…….we could never get away with having a paper wreath outdoors.    But indoors yes!

It doesn’t look like paper to you?  It is!  It’s an old book.  She used pages from an old book!  They have a VERY GOOD tutorial on their site. It’s even numbered.  :)  I think this is one my favorite ideas for Halloween, next to this one using mannequin  legs.  (I met her at The Creative Connection)Sticking with that same theme…..using old pages from a book……..here’s another beauty. 

Reminds me of some of the stuff I saw at the Creative Connection.

They have a variety of crafts on their site.  This one is perfect for the whole family.  Great way to measure those kiddo’s hands year to year too.

Are you decorated for Halloween?

Please head on over and show them how wonderful all my readers are……..surprise them by telling them they are today’s feature.

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  1. says

    These have got to be the BEST Halloween decorations I’ve seen! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I”m off to give them a holla, tcb style. 😉
    God’s blessings,

  2. Corinne Kurzmann says

    I adore the flowers of book pages..I use old dictionaries for all types of things and this is a lovely idea..I so enjoy your blog!!

  3. says

    Inspired by an older post on your blog, I recently made a wreath out of old book pages…but these ones blow mine out of the water! WOW!

    I really love your blog…there is always something I bookmark for later!

  4. Kendall says

    Wow, very cute ideas! I too LOVE white pumpkins! So cute! :)

  5. says

    I love these ideas!! I’ve always wanted to make a paper wreath…. I’m going to have to try it :-)

    I saw a white pumpkin in a magazine one time that had been decorated to look like Cinderella’s coach using antique belt buckles for the windows and door… it was gorgeous….

  6. says

    Thanks so much for feautring us today!! We love your site and were so happy to see our fun projects being featured!

    Thanks tons!!!

  7. gramma teetsie says

    Those handprint ghosts are so cute. Wish I had little ones that I could make them with. Love your ideas.

  8. elina says

    I plan on doing the handprints with my three ghost. This is a cute project to see the growth and to decorate my house. will put picture on my blog. thanks for sharing

  9. Julie @ CalleLillyCafe says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that square frame! I am going to find mama a square frame tonite!!!

  10. says

    I love those pumpkins just ties with ribbons! So SMART!

    When kiddo was a baby, we did ghost footprint. for Halloween cards. It was so easy with him in the highchair. I wonder if he’d go for it now that he’s 11? 😉

  11. PeachTracy says

    The Ghostly handprints are wonderful! They are wonderful and crack me up at the same time! :) I am checking out their site.

  12. Cortney says

    Love the idea of planting a white pumpkin plant….I need to do that.

    Also that was such a cute idea with the hand prints of the kids to make ghosts!

  13. says

    Kim, THANK YOU for your sweet feature of our site!! We were totally thrilled by your kind words. We love your blog and all of the creativity it inspires. And thanks everyone for all of the lovely comments and visits. We appreciate you all!!!! xoxo

  14. Gianina says

    Thanks for yours ideas. Love Lisa Leonard Jewerly. Thanks for the chance.
    giamunoz at hotmail dot com

  15. says

    Love these ideas! They are so fantastic! I’m definitely going to try that flower and the wreath. I have an old dictionary lying around that I almost threw out, but I’m so glad I didn’t.

    Happy Fall!

  16. Donna Bettencourt says

    Oooh, all of these projects are great but the book page ones remind me of a huge ostrich made all of paper pages like the cones etc that I saw at Anthrolopologie last year, amazing. I am thinking along these lines for Christmas decor……..thanks for the reminder! Beautiful things.