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You will instantly fall in love with Destiny’s Blog with all the amazing decorating ideas.  The girl can decorate!  I found myself spending a lot of time looking at all she’s done to her home.  Great decorating ideas and many are DIY!  You know I love that!  I also have to mention that I met her at Creative Estates and actually stopped her to tell her she had one of the more gorgeous faces I’d ever seen.  She’s stunning…….really.

A Place for Us

She has projects for all skills.  Maybe something small and doable in one afternoon like this monogram she made for her daughters door.  This little princess deserves something pretty to set her room apart from her rough and tumble brothers.

monograms for decoration

TYPO ALERT!!!! Whoops, I meant HER baby girl, not yours.

DIY Home Decor

Or maybe a project that takes a bit more time.  I really enjoyed the before and after shots.  She’s a good little blogger that takes lots of photos for us nosy people.  That is wall paper people.  Can you believe how it changes the room?  If you visit her blog, you’ll see her whole inspiration board for this room.  Such a smart girl.decorating your living room

Look at the transformation she created for her living room.  Yep……more information on the step by step on her site.  You may have to search for it…………like I did.  But you won’t be sorry for the time spent. family room makeover Looks like she creates a lot of personality in her home by changing the walls either with paint, or wall paper.  Great tips.  I LOVE the stripes she painted in her boys bedroom and her bathroom, but I really can’t see myself having the patience for that.  I’m lucky just to get one color on the walls, let alone 2 in straight lines.  But I do love it.

painting striped walls

I think this is my favorite before and after.  This turned out amazing!  And that table……swoon……..and that chair…….double swoon.before and after painted furniture
She decided to show off her crafty skills and create an iron on family monogram.  Adding your own personality makes your house your home!  iron on monogram dining room chairsYou know those cool old books you see in Ballard Designs?  You can just make your own and it doesn’t require any crafty skills.  If you can rip, you can do it.  I know what I’ll be looking for while I go garage sailing this summer.  Old books.  decorating with books

Not only can she decorate, but she can throw a party!    She’s gorgeous AND talented. party ideas

You guys have been doing pretty good by letting my featured bloggers know that it’s the BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES (thank you Char for my new slogan!).  Now off you go…..surprise her.





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Since 2007, Kim has been sharing tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life. Owner/Founder of Today's Creative Blog and where inspiration happens everyday! From the Pacific Northwest, Kim is a busy mom who adores her teen son, her middle aged husband and is constantly wiping the muddy paws of her adorable Labradoodle Maybelline. In her spare time, she teaches fitness classes and loves to decorate with thrift store bargains. You can also find Kim once a month on Portland's AMNW Morning show as their "creative expert". Life is more fun when it's creative!





  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    Looks like I will definitely be inspired by your featured blogger; thanks for pointing us in her direction!

  2. Destiny says

    OMGOOOODNESSSS!!!! Who would have thought I would wake up WEDNESDAY morning and it would be the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! lol!! I was SO suprised to find that you featured my blog this morning! Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words about my blog! Kim you really have made my day! My week! My month and MY YEAR:0))) I don’t know what else to say…but YOUR AWESOME!! :0)!! Now I’m off to get buttons and posters and stickers for my blog!! lol!!! Thanks again!
    Lots of LOVE!!!

  3. Latoya says

    I concur with everything you said…she definitely has excellent decorating skills and a great diy-er!

  4. Chiazor says

    I am so in love with her blog and happy to call her my friend..I am just waiting till she has a TV show just so I can say I know her!!! lol I am just glad more people get to see how talented you are Destiny!!!

  5. Jenny says

    She really is amazing. You never lead us to any thing awful. I am always impressed by how many wonderfully creative women there are. I love her wall paper in some of her before and afters photos.

  6. Shannon Fox says

    I follow Destiny and she is wicked talented! So happy to see her here. What a great collection of projects you showcased!!