Petersons go public!- Home Make Over

Jennifer is one busy woman. She has 4 boys! 4! And if that’s not enough to make your head spin……….even if they are adorable………. Petersons Go Public……..the Boy Squad.

Her and her husband took on buying and making over this  home when her youngest was only 4 mo old…………….all I can say is that she was NOT 37 when she had her baby. I couldn’t multi-task until my son was at least one. Update your home
beforeupdate your home
Now to add a bit more excitement, she also home schools. Doesn’t she know that she will have at least 5 hours more time to decorate or scrapbook or…….watch Oprah? Kidding aside……..but she must be the most patient woman on this earth. She even decorates for every holiday. She has embraced this Mommy job with gusto. She makes me proud.

update your kitchen

Makeover a House

Jen is also an interior designer. She has transformed the ranch home they bought in Sept 2006. Knocking down walls, painting, putting up, taking down…… name it, they have done it. It’s so fun to see the progress. That’s the old kitchen above. And the finished product below. Beautiful!before and after kitchen makeover photos

update your homeLove the two tone colors………the orange with that light green ceiling. Jen is not afraid of color. Her style is bold………..but really……..does that surprise you? A woman with this much zest for life would not have anything less. updating your homeI think this is my favorite room. Love the brick backdrop with those ball looking flowers……..yes, I know what they’re called………starts with an A………. Or maybe they’re just garlic? Does it really matter? All that matters is that I LIKE THEM!house makeoverAnd look at all the color in this room. I could just die over that green cabinet. And then she has to go and put a cute red wagon on top………..stick a fork in me. Jen is a genius…….she shows us that you CAN have a stylish home AND have 4 young ones. Her furniture choices are so perfect. They are soft, no sharp corners, stylish…….indestructable………..and portable.

Jen is cheap like me…………I mean thrifty. I love a bargain, especially if I can re-create an expensive item I want for pennies. She saw a copper mailbox from Smith and Hawkins……….nope she was not paying those prices………so she bought a can of copper spray paint and went to town. She out smarted them, that’s what she did. update your home

diy home decor for christmasIt’s all Jen’s fault that I decided to make a gumdrop tree. I could only make one before my fingers were raw and almost bleeding…….I quickly decided that a bloody gumdrop tree was not the look I was going for and stopped at one tree……….but my gosh……..she did three! What’s your secret Jen?

And this………..this simple yet perfect idea. I am trying to figure out what bathroom to do this in. I love numbers.makeover a house

I have always loved chalk board paint on a wall. I am newly inspired to do a wall in my son’s playroom.makeover a houseAnd this is a glimpse at a room she did for a Doctors office. Cute! Love the buckets.makeover a housemakeover a houseThe greens, blues with red! What a darling room. I could add that with the chalkboard wall.

In addition to fluffing and changing up her nest, she does all kinds of activities and crafts with the kids…………….well of course she does……. Lots of photos with something to inspire everyone. The best part about her blog is the wonderfully designed blinkie. :) (I did not design it, Shawn did)

Ok, you know the drill. Go check her out. Give her some love……….she lives in Idaho for crying out loud, so go warm her up with lots of comments!

Oh, I forgot to mention that she also has a separate blog just for house renovations.



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