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Those of you with little ones, are going to LOVE this guy.  Handmade and Homemade toys are second nature to this artist.  I’ve never seen so many great homemade toy ideas!   It only makes sense he would have his own book.  If you’re interested in a book with homemade toys, then this is it!  If you click on the photo, it should take you straight to Amazon.

Made By Joel

book for childrens play

Not only was I excited to find his blog, but I was thrilled to learn he’s from my neck of the woods.  Portland!   It makes sense though.  It’s very common for parents in Portland to take an Eco approach to parenting.  Handmade when possible and a strong direction to infuse creativity and art into pretty much everything.

Craft Toys

We’re famous in these parts of using “garbage’ to create art projects with ……….like boxes.  Why not make an indoor aquarium, complete with movable fish.  He keeps his children entertained daily with all of his creations.  What lucky lucky children.

Imagination Toy

It doesn’t have to be complicated or require a bunch of materials to create imaginary play.  This below is brilliant.  You could use paper or fabric.  And for the paper clip puppets……..love those!

Now this one takes a bit more skill to shape your wood pieces.  My son would have LOVED this toy.  The possibilities are endless.

This sliding disc toy will teach children all kinds of stuff.  All you need is a printer and some scissors………because he’s got a free printable for you on his site.  Just click on the photo.

Free printable for this memory game too.  A memory game using his art!  Now that’s certainly better than a toy story memory game isn’t it?  And more eco and wallet friendly too.

Handmade Gifts

I’d like to be on this guys Christmas list.  He makes ALL handmade gifts.  He embroidered these darling tee’s for all the children on his list.  He first asked their parents what they were really into and designed it around their answer.  Now that’s a gift.    Love the boxes too.embroidered shirts

Creative Play

This is something I did with my son.  Magnetic fishing.  Except my fish weren’t as pretty.  I think I used paper ones with paper clips.  But the idea is the same and kids LOVE it.

If you have consumer overload………and really who doesn’t……this site is perfect for coming up with simple and creative ways to entertain your children.  I think he’s having a pretty good time too.

Enjoy!  Make sure to visit him, he’s got A LOT more on his site.

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  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    How fun! I can definitely see how kids would love to help make those toys and then play with them!

  2. says

    Oh, I have been coveting Joel for awhile now :) He is brilliance and style incarnate! I just love how every project he does makes that little light bulb in my brain go “hey, that is way simpler than I would have made it to be…” He is such a sweetie also. Glad to see him featured here!

  3. Laura says

    I <3 Made By Joel! His ideas are so brilliantly simple and visually appealing! He is so generous to share his art for us to use with our children!

  4. Amy says

    What great ideas! I could definitely make some of these toys with and for my son! Love them!