Homework Station – Portable!

It’s Back to School time for many of you.  Which means homework battles for most of you. I thought I’d share my portable homework station again to help ease the pain. This worked like a charm last year and I fully intend on using it again this year.

Homework Station DIY

My son can pick up this portable homework station, making anywhere his study area. He takes it where ever his 13 yr old body wants to flop down and tackle his homework. It’s great for on the go too.  Bringing this along for long rides in the car work nicely. It has everything he needs. I even stuff a few snacks inside with a bottle of water. homework station- study area- todays creative blog

I’ve packed it with everything and anything I think he may need.  This cuts down on the questions that contribute to stalling.

Homework Station | portable study area - todays creative blog

Homework Caddy

Using a crafters canvas caddy from my friend Will’s bag company  it gave me plenty of room(4 sides) to stuff this baby without taking up a ton of space in my home. This easily fits in my office closet when not in use.  It also matches my sons bedroom……..and we all know how important that is. portable homework station - todays creativeblog

Side 1: Pencils, pens of all colors, colored pencils, scissors, compass, protractor, ruler.

Side 2: Stapler, tape, colored markers, calculator.

Side 3: Pencil sharpner, glue stick, glue, erasers.

Side 4: Snacks

Inside: Paper, composite books, notebooks, graph paper

Having this tote fully packed means that I also know where to find scissors, tape or other household items that seem to always go missing.

If you have more than one child, they could of course share, but each could have their own color with items for their own grade.

Here’s to a successful school year!




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  1. says

    I love that you used a crafter’s caddy. I have one collecting dust (along with all of my craft supplies). I already made a nice basket to keep on our table filled with homework supplies, but the caddy would be perfect for the car. DOH. Why didn’t I think of that before!

    • Kim says

      Ly, Very true, I did buy the tote…..actually my friend gave it to me…….But I created a homework station with it, filling it with items my son would need. And I “did it myself”. :) DIY (do it yourself) does not always mean you make everything from scratch…….at least it doesn’t to me. I hope you were able to pick up some good ideas and be inspired to create and do something yourself.

  2. Heather says

    Love the idea! I’m trying to come up with an idea similar for my kindergartener. Any suggestions?