How Can I Get Organized?

How Can I Get Organized? I must say this to myself at least once a week! While I’m away, my friend, neighbor and past feature agreed to do a guest post for me!   Krista can be seen on our local morning show as their organizing expert.   I think you’ll love her ideas.

Get Organized


Hi Chica Chicas…

I’m thrilled to be blogging here at TCB..And We’re going to Get Organized! I may be an Organized Lifestyle Expert + Professional Organizer… but before that I was quite the craftster, in fact my first business was called “The Artful Gathering” where I brought a Martha-esque project  to your home, and you served up the vino to your favorite chicas. Then I got pregnant with kidlet number 2 and so went the biz out with the bathwater. Now I bring my label maker and a 16oz latte with me and create organized masterpieces… sometimes I just give you a lil’ much needed kick in the spanx…because quite frankly sometimes I need a lil’ kick in the spanx! #andahankerin’foracutenewbadge

Introducing the Organize The Whole Shebang…

Get Organized
Looky at all the random things you can accomplish in five minutes…

Tulips… they deserve a stiff cocktail 5minutestofabulous    Tame a Pile 5minutestofabulous Your Handbag, Junk Drawer, Closet, Mud Room, Landing Zone 5minutestofabulous   Organize Your Accessories 5minutestofabulous    All Those Socks 5minutestofabulous    In the Kitchen 5minutestofabulous    Some pics of my own messy house 5minutestofabulous   and this one because truly I can be a mess 5minutestofabulous 

or how about these on my 5 Minutes to Fabulous Pinterest Board

Let’s declare “Now is the New Later”, set your timers,
and let’s knock out some 5 Minute Projects!

1. Declare your 5 Minute Project
[I’d love to have you visit my blog + tell me what you need to tackle]

2. Set your Timer for 5′

3. Knock it out!

4. Optional: Post  before + after pictures on my FB page [because it’s fun to see before + after pics!] If you blog

I’m going to:
1. Fix my Pillows… they all seem to have large holes where I tore off the tags.
2. Call the carpet cleaner.
3. Sell the leftover items from my daughter’s room redo.
What’s on your list?



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  1. Beverly OMalley says

    my list includes

    1. finalizing taxes and getting them submitted – time is ticking and April 30 is the deadline but almost there.
    2. attach a couple of buttons to the winter coats before they get put away
    3. pick up all the stuff at the top of the stairs and ACTUALLY take it down the stairs to its final destination – (instead of just walking past it each time )