Cookie Fail! How Do you Make Chocolate Chip Cookies?

How do you make Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Because apparently I have forgotten.  I was stumped because my Gluten Free Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips cookies were fantastic! Keep reading, I ended up finding a few reasons on why they make have not turned out.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Remember those cookies my family wanted me to make? I was out of brown sugar and ended up making my own.  Good thing they’re not too picky, because it was the biggest cookie fail EVER!  I used the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and followed it precisely.  I must admit that yes, it’s true that I don’t bake cookies too often.  I should rephrase that……..I don’t MAKE cookie dough that often.  I mean why make it when my local take and bake pizza joint has it for sale?  cookie problem

Even though my cookies turned out flatter than flat, we enjoyed them anyway after scraping them off the pan. They tasted delicious and I love the crispy edges.  Seriously, why let flat cookies ruin your day?

Cookie Problem

I did however consult with my friend and foodie Cheryl with

She asked the following questions:

Cheryl: “Did you forget the baking soda?”

Me:  “Nope”

Cheryl: “Was your baking soda old?”

Me:  “yes probably”  (strike one)

Cheryl: “were your eggs room temp? It’s best to use room temp eggs”

Me:  “Nope, straight out of the fridge”  (strike two)

Cheryl:  “Did you over mix your batter?”

Me: Of course I did! I like eating smooth batter”  (strike three……and yes, I know it’s dangerous to eat raw batter, but I do it anyway.  Somethings are worth risking.  I”m 50 yrs old and have  never fallen sick yet………livin on the edge)

Just in case you need a recipe RIGHT now so you too can eat some cookie dough, here’s the famous Toll House one I’ve used for years.

Toll House Cookie Recipe




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  1. Melissa says

    Ha! I always eat the cookie dough raw- sometimes it’s better than actually baking the cookies. :)

  2. says

    Oh yes! Looks just like my average cookies. For Christmas, I tried out four different recipes, with only one turning out correctly. Of course, I was satisfied with that number since I am not great at baking.

    I didn’t know eggs should be at room temp, and who woulda thought baking soda shouldn’t be old?! Better luck next time!

  3. says

    Ha ha. I was going to guess it was old baking soda too. I’ve had that problem before, although I didn’t know about the egg thing (room temperature).

  4. says

    I’d go with the baking soda, or perhaps your flour was off? I’ve read that different flours are better or cheaper and so a cup of one may weight 4 oz (just to throw a number out there) and a cup of another may way only 3, so you end up not using enough flour and that can make them flat.

    I definitely don’t think it was the sugar or eggs, though. I don’t buy brown sugar anymore, preferring to make a big batch of my own from white sugar and molasses and use it for everything with no problems. As for the eggs, I NEVER bring my eggs to room temp (not on purpose, at any rate) and it has yet to affect my cookies.

    My favorite recipe has been the Toll House recipe for quite some time, too, though I like to add another 1/4 cup of brown sugar. I’ve recently switched to a new favorite, though…give these babies a whirl!

  5. Lindsey says

    I used to use the toll house recipe all the time and my cookies ALWAYS turned out flat. I discovered my problem was the butter. I would always forget to take it out to “soften” so I’d pop it in the microwave before I put it in my cookies. I do happen to have the world’s best, no fail, amazingly delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe if you’re interested. It’s at They are totally awesome, but it is a huge recipe so I usually half it. Good luck!

  6. Lisa says

    ohmyGOSH! I was just lamenting over my crappy cookies I made this week. They totally turned out the same way. It is so nice to know…I’m not alone. Baking soda…it has to be the baking soda. (((:

  7. says

    I forgot to ask you about your butter…….it should be softened not melted!

    and you can chill your dough a bit before baking, it helps the cookie hold it’s shape

    I bet they were still yummy though!!

  8. says

    I made the best toll house cookies yesterday. The baking soda was old and eggs straight out of the fridge. A couple things that work for me is I always add 1/4 cup flour more than the recipe calls for. Also, I use real butter but a class I took suggested substituting the butter with shortening. I use the butter but I make sure to soften it in the microwave just long enough that it’s soft but not at all melted. That’s it- they were perfect. If you have a flat cookie in the 1st catch, add flour. That’ll fatten them up.

    • Kim says

      I thought about adding more flour, but I was DONE……had my fill. I tried to place the rest of the batter in muffin tins and they actually looked like it was going to work, until I took them out to cool. When I went to check on them later, they had collapsed……..they weren’t even eatable. :)

  9. Silv says

    I just made some Toll House cookies last week and will probably make more tonight. I follow the recipe with one modification: instead of 2 sticks of butter (1 cup) I use one whole stick of Crisco butter-flavor shortening. It’s just a little bit healthier. My cookies come out light and soft, and rise very well. One thing: the shortening label says to increase your “wet” ingredients with a few tsps. of water to compensate for the difference between butter & shortening. I do not add anything else. They do become crisp in the cookie jar but that can easily be fixed with a piece of bread if you don’t like a crispy texture (I do!). I also use the shortening in the Quaker Oats oatmeal raisin cookie recipe with excellent results!

  10. says

    Did you use all butter? Cookies made with all butter are usually flatter. Also, in making your own brown sugar the batter may have been wetter. Perhaps removing 3 tablespoons of another liquid would help.

  11. says

    I saw something on Pinterest on how to tell what went wrong with your CC cookies depending on how they look. I didn’t click on it because I use pre-made dough (I would like to try them from scratch sometime though!). Sounds like you may already know the problem(s), but I just thought I would share! :) I <3 CC cookies!

  12. says

    these look just like the ones I made right after I got married….my friend and I doubled the recipe (since we were providing for two houses) but…..we forgot to double the flour. The result? Flat, crispy cookies. I have TRIED to make them again and it has never worked.