How to Add the “Pin It” Pinterest Button to Your Blog


Pinterest is all the rage these days. So how do you put the Pin It button on your posts? Here ya go…

Pinterest Button for Blogger Blogs

If you use Blogger, here’s a quick tutorial outlining the steps to add the “Pin It” button to the end of your posts.

how to add a pin it button

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Grab the code you’ll need from Greenlava’s post here.

Pinterest Button For WordPress Blogs

There are so many ways to add the Pin It button to WordPress. Probably the easiest is via a plugin. I’m sure more Pinterest plugins will arrive on the scene shortly, but for now, I recommend the Pin It on Pinterest plugin which allows you to predetermine the image you want pinned. It also gives you a count (i.e. the number of times your post has been pinned).

To install the plugin, go to your Dashboard –> Plugins –> Add New –> search for “Pin It on Pinterest” and click Install.

Make sure you watch the video tutorial by William from Flaunt Your Site to see how it works:

Pin it button

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Thanks to Greenlava and William for their expertise!

Adding the “Pin It” Button Manually to Blogger or WordPress

If you don’t want to install the “Pin It” button to every post automatically, you can manually install it as well. Here’s how to do that in both Blogger and WordPress:

how to add pin it button manually

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.


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  1. says

    I’m an avid pinner, but I NEVER use the pin it buttons on people’s posts… why? It pre-selects the image for you and I might not want that image.

  2. says

    Thanks so much Amy! I did it and it works! :) yay! Do you know how to add some “spacing” so the “pin it” button isn’t directly under the last sentence? If not, no worries. I am off to figure that out. Thank you again!

  3. Jackie says

    I love Pin It on Pinterest. A few extra tips on using it:
    1) if you don’t select the picture to pin AND fill out the description, then the Pin It button will not show on that post. So only add pic and description when you want Pin It to show
    2) Also I have noticed if I update a published post the selected picture disappears and so does the Pin It button. So now if I make an update, I make sure to re-select the Pin It picture right before hitting update. Kind of a pain, but readers love the easy Pin It button.

  4. says

    Thanks for the videos and helpful info!
    According to William’s site Pinterest receives 11 million visits per week…I guess all that eyecandy really is addicting!

  5. says

    Hi Amy, Thanks for the tutorial. I did exactly what you said, copying code from Greenlava, etc. etc. The ONLY thing I did differently was to put ‘none’ in the pin button alignment, rather than having it read ‘vertical’ or ‘horizontal.’ Could that be why it doesn’t work? I mean, it’s all there in the html of my template, but when I go to view my blog, it is not there. Any ideas?

  6. says

    This is great. I found you via A Girl and a Glue Gun. I am new to blogging, and this will be an awesome help. Thx