How to Get Kid to Brush for 2 minutes!

You know how you send your child in to brush their teeth and they come waltzing out 25 seconds later saying they’re done?  Funny how they think they can trick us.  I’ve never been an easy mom when it comes to hygiene. My son knows he better do it right the first time, or it’s my turn. Believe me, a 14 yr old does not want their mother brushing their teeth or washing their bodies, so he’s learned to do it right. If there’s anything this child of mine will learn before leaving the nest, is to be clean!toothtunes

I’ve also played the game with him that if he doesn’t brush properly the first time, then he must use mint toothpaste the second time.  He hates mint.  Before you all think that I really am a mean mom…….we make it a family joke, but it does get the point across. No one likes to be near a dirty kid, especially if they also have dirty icky yellow teeth.   I’m glad to brag that my son’s dentist is usually pretty impressed with how clean his teeth are. Just sayin!

Arm & Hammer tooth tunes

When Arm & Hammer™  asked if I wanted to review their new ARM &HAMMER™ Tooth!Tunes™  One Direction tooth brush, I knew I could have some fun with it.  It’s genius! Music plays for 2 minutes so they’ll brush for the recommended amount of brushing time.   I knew my son would like having the music timer and I may even get to relax a bit and not be the overbearing tooth cop.

tooth tunes

The new ARM!&!HAMMER™ Tooth!Tunes™ One Direction toothbrush is the only brush that plays One Direction.

My son tried to act like it wasn’t his favorite song, but he was humming to it and giving me a few fist bumps.

Arm and Hammer tooth tunes

They have several other song options that launched last July in addition to the new  popular boy band One Direction.

Genius! Just brush til the music ends.  2 minutes of brushing without you nagging.  This tooth brush makes everyone happy! You, your child and your dentist!

From the makers of the #1 kids battery toothbrushes.  ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ features on of a kind Music In Your Mouth™ technology. This proprietary technology streams sound vibrations from the bristles of the toothbrush through the teeth, allowing kids to hear the music while they brush.  ARM & HAMMER Tooth Tunes featuring One Direction is the only toothbrushes that plays One Direction in North America. 

See for yourself…….they have an interactive website.  Join them on Facebook.




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    This is a funny post–I love those awesome motivational pictures of your son brushing his teeth. He could be on a dentist office poster.