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I am not good at making pie. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a pie.  I remember my grandmother teaching me how to pinch the pie crust.  It always looks so easy.  I fail every time!  I’m lucky to have a gal in my community that is an expert pie maker for all my holidays. I love to bake, but only easy things, like my Apple Creamcheese Bread.

Pies & Aprons



I met Christine through The Creative Connection. She was the brilliant designer behind all the decorated tables for the meals.  Amazing and elaborate tables awaited us, always leaving us Oooohing and Ahhhing. I didn’t realize that Christine was also a genius in the kitchen.  Not only was she in Where Women Create Magazine, and the Matthew Mead Holiday magazine, but she’s also in the latest book by Jo Packham, Celebrate. recipes by Christine Hoffman

Pie Recipes

Christine is the PIE Recipe queen.  She gives us a new pie recipe every Friday. Friday is Pie Day! Her site is NOT one to look at when you’re hungry or on a low carb diet.

Sweet Potato Pie

Actually this is more than a sweet potato pie……it’s a Caramelized Sweet Potato Pie with Pear and Almond. She’s fancy and hip.

how to make a sweet potato pie

Lime Pie Recipe

If she made the crust, I think I could do the rest on this one. :)  This one is not just a Lime pie, but a Sunny Lime Pie.  (remember……she’s hip)

recipe for Lime Pie

Cranberry Pie

If you want a cranberry pie with a kick, you’ll have to try her Cranberry Clementine Pie Recipe.  Seriously……unbelievable.  I’m sure this would be my new favorite dessert if she made me one.

how to make a pie

Papaya Blood Orange Pie

pie recipe

Recipe for  Pie Crust

I chatted with Christine a couple of weeks ago and I told her what I really need is a video of her making a pie or pie crust.  Seriously.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have a video of her making ALL these pies?

pie crust recipe


Besides making pies, she’s recently redesigned her Creative Office.  decorating a craft spaceI love what she did with the cabinet and how she used her imagination to make an “art table”.  how to make a craft table

Christine will be totally shocked!  I hope you’ll surprise her and let her know she was featured today on Today’s Creative Blog!




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    She not only has squealingly amazing pies, and the most charming little Applesauce Heart Pies, but several yummy soup recipes too! Thanks for the link!