Stencil Crafts

You are going to fall in love with this creative blog.  I know it!  Especially if you love to work with stencils or would like to learn. So many creative projects including photography, decorating and party planning.  What more is there?

Stencil Tutorial

We love DIY projects, so I know you’ll eat this one right up.  Stenciling on fabric.  Stenciling on fabric gives you that Vintage look that is so popular right now.  She has a fabulous tutorial on how to stencil on fabric.  how to make a fabric stencil

Do It Yourself Project

how to make a stencil

how to make a stencil on fabricNot only do you get great ideas, but I think you’ll enjoy her style of writing.

Funky Time

featured blogger

Her photography is amazing and she’ll even give you a few pointers or editing ideas.

Photography Tips

She’s having a great time with all the options her new home is giving her. She just recently moved to Canada…….with seasons………from L.A.  It’s been an adjustment, but she’s keeping it in stride.

photo edting tips

FREE Printable Labels

Vintage labels that is……..Free and vintage…….two words that make my heart sing.  I don’t have the download here silly, you’ll have to visit her site and poke around.  She’s got them. printable vintage labels Not only is she talented in photography and DIY home projects………but she is a graphics designer too.  {of course she is}  Next I’m gonna find she can probably sew too.  Sigh……..

free printable labels

And would you look at these cute little stickers!

{Fruit} Love Labels

She gave offers this free download from Twig & Thistle

My son would have LOVED these when he was in elementary school, but now he may be mortified.  But of course that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy embarrassing him a bit………cuz you know deep down he’d feel the love.


Ice Cream Parlour

I was feeling like the cool mom having The Game Truck for my son’s birthday party this weekend, then I see this post and felt a bit lazy.  She has more photos on her site that show more of the birthday magic.  What a great idea.  Ice Cream Parlour birthday party.  A theme for many ages.

ice cream parlour birthdayOK, off you go………but wait……….here is one more thing.

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    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that those free printables do not belong to this website. I know for certain that the fruit stickers are from I went and looked at the post, and she doesn’t even mention where they came from. I’d be careful of spreading this around…

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    I’ve been a follower for ages, but after my Google fiasco where I lost my blogs, I now have a new identity. So I was able to sign up as a new follower, and you are now only 9 away from 5.000. Woohoo! :)

  3. JulieAnne says

    Well, i have a blog too! I love what you’re about and would like to subscribe! Come check me out too!

  4. susan says

    Omg these are gr8! And do I have cookie cutters–momma’s coppers. Anybdy remember copper parties in the 60’s? I used to help,like passing plates&napkins&stocking the goodies just to *be* there and look at the pretties. I was in love then&am still–and now can make momma some pretties for their room…ThankU!