How to Organize Your Home

With the new year, I start to go in full on organizing mode. (Too bad it doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks, but I do have my new calendar printed and ready.) I don’t think I’m the only one craving order this time of year looking for DIY unique ways to tame the after holiday chaos. My featured blogger, I Heart Organizing  will tell you how to organize your home. Every room, every thing. She’s got ideas and tips I’ve never even thought of.  She keeps it fun by making it stylish. Before you know it, you’ll have your closets and cupboards rearranged and looking pretty!



 Organize Your Entry Way-



Keeping your entry way orderly can be challenging.  Especially if it’s the main way your family enters and exits the home.  Since this is also how guest enter your home, you want it too look tidy and beautiful.  I love how she created a functional and stylish entry way that works for everyone. Loving this Shoe Cabinet Organizer (similar one linked)



How to Organize your home



 Organize Your Laundry Room


I’m dying over her laundry room.  Love the color, the space and especially that rug! Fun Flooring
make it much easier to do laundry…… don’t you think?  Look at those cubbies!  Laundry rooms are always better when we can also use them for storage of household products.


organized laundry room




 Organized Closets



These may look like recycled CDs, but they’re not.  She shows a full tutorial on how she made these fun closet markers. What a great way to keep your child organized for the week.  By thinking ahead, they have their whole wardrobe picked out…….no more before school clothing battles.

closet markers DIY





Organize your Office



Keeping our office space functional and organized is SO HARD! Like all those extra cords!!! We all  have them and they’re usually all in one big wad. I’m happy to say that mine are pretty well organized, but not a pretty as her system. I love her use of labels and pretty paper. I may have to rethink my system.


how to organize cords





Organizing your Jewelry



This DIY way to display your earrings is beautiful!  You’ll never guess what she used to make this jewelry organizer. Good thing she’s got a full tutorial.

diy Jewelry organizer


Holiday Decoration Storage

I know that most of us are knee deep in putting away the holiday decorations. She’s got some great tips on making this job a little easier. And you’ll be SO happy next year when you pull them out and see all your tidy work!

how to organize holiday decorations



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  1. says

    I love that shoe organizer too! The one in the picture is from IKEA (HEMNES shoe cabinet) if you’re looking for that one. Great organizing ideas!

  2. Michelle H. says

    I can’t find the link you reference on the jewelry organizer? Thanks for sharing the other tips though. Might have a trip to IKEA in my future for shoe cabinets…

  3. says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m a follower of your blog and especially love this post for the New Year. I’m inspired and am off to organize my gadget cords! Happy New Year, Lori

  4. Kris Lee says

    These are all great ideas, thanks for sharing. As for cords….well I put a label on each cord as it becomes part of our household so that in the future (maybe when you move or change spaces) you won’t be wondering what happened to the cord for this or that. I also use old phone “curly cords” to keep my cords in order. Just snip off a few inches and wrap around your cords like you would a twist tie. Easier to get off, reusable and much better looking. I also use an old TP tube for my curling iron, I travel between houses each week and this way I can take my curling iron and not have a cord trailing…..I wrap the cord up like it is when you unwrap something new. then put the handle of the curling iron, cord and all into the TP tube. VOILA!!! (yes this is the proper way to say “Wahla”) Also when traveling I use a rolled up pair of socks to put a hot curling iron in to keep it from melting something in the bag.
    One other tip I will pass along is that instead of plastic, stackable tubs for storage I use cardboard legal drawers. They are sturdy, stackable and I don’t have to unstack them to get to the one on the bottom. I just pull out the drawer to access what is inside. All my holiday stuff, old clothes (that I am saving for the grandchildren) and many other storage items are in these drawers stacked to the ceiling in my storage room. They have been the best investment ever. AND January is when they are normally on sale for offices to store their previous years records……
    Thanks again for great stuff.

  5. says

    These are some great ideas Kim. Thanks for putting them together here. I am working on a jewelry orgaziner now. It’s going to be awesome, I just know it!

    My plan is to tackle all those electronic cords in the near future as well. I have a huge tub of them to sort through so it’s going to be an exhausting effort. I’m almost certain we no longer have some of the things we still have cords for.

  6. Kristin says

    Hello, I love the cabinet with the glass doors at the top in the laundry room! Any idea where I can get it?