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While in Utah, we had a last minute GNO. I was so thrilled to see many of my Creative BFF’s that I had met before, but there were a couple I hadn’t met.  Like Tam.  When she told me her blog name, I knew it.  Thought for sure I had featured her.  But she assured me I hadn’t.  That’s Tam with the crown on…..I placed it there for her feature….The Best Day of her Life! (Char, 3 from the R in the top row in the yellow dubbed that saying)  And just to show what a super woman she is, she had her new one week old son with her.  It was so sweet of her to come hang out with me.


Tam is a stencil queen!  The girl knows her way around working with stenciling and showing us how in all in her great tutorials!

Stencil Tutorial

She stenciled a rug!  She followed the directions from Shelley.……one of my fav Utah bloggers that missed the GNO……..whatever…….Anywhoooo……..Tam also shows us her step by step on how she stenciled this rug.  Between the two tutorials, I may be able to figure this out.  I love the stencil she chose.

Stenciling Letters

I know many of you will be jumping ALL over this one.  From the white washed look of the wood to the colors of the letters………the style is perfect!  Yep, she shows a tutorial so you’re in luck.  In fact, she is very organized with a full page of all her tutorials.  You’ll be sucked in for days.

Craft DIY tutorial

More Stenciling, this time on a stool using spray paint.  Why not add a bit of personality?  The red with the white design really makes a statement don’t you think?Stencil tutorialDon’t think for a second that her talents stop there.  Oh no……..she’s from Utah…….so we know she can sew.  Those girls act like it’s as much a part of them as breathing.  I could just DIE over this duvet cover!sewing a duvet cover  The yellow and grey with a smidgen of white……….sigh.  If you do sew……..she does have a tutorial for this too.  It just kind of made my eyes glaze over, but don’t let my reaction stop you.  I can however make that wall decor piece!  Looks kind of complicated………like I might have to use some math or something.

Matching lamp shade she recovered.  There is no reason to live with an ugly lampshade.fabric covered lampshade

Here’s another project I found that will make some of you giddy!  These Pottery Barn Inspired pillows!  Yep……she shows a full tutorial.  pottery barn inspired home decor

You’ll love her site, I know you will.  She’s a darling girl.  We got to talking and she also teaches group fitness classes, except she LOVES spin and I don’t and she’s skinny (even with a one week old child) and I’m not………..she’s young and I’m old.  But I like her anyway.

While roaming around, I see she is also one of the “chefs” on Mod Bake Shop.……and if you think it’s a real bakery, then you’re not a sewing kind of person like me.  It means she’s pretty talented……and can sew.

Alright, off you go.  I hope you’ll leave her lots of comments telling her how you found her.  Surprise her for me!


Grab a cool beverage and see what else I can show you:



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  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    It looks like Tam will definitely inspire me to try some stenciling; it used to be real popular in my neck of the woods about 10 years ago. Nearly everyone in our neighborhood and a stencil in their house!

  2. Rica says

    Wow! What awesome projects. I definitely wanna try out rug stenciling! Thanks for the site referral.

  3. says

    Tam is adorable and this write up of her blog is perfect! Kim- I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- you are a GEM!!

  4. says

    So fun to see Tam featured here! You’re right, she is cute, sweet, talented, and totally skinny. But I love her anyway! LOL!

  5. moonsword says

    ohgoodgolly I love those pillows! must go see how she did them! Thanks for the link…cheers!

  6. Amy @ Living Locurto says

    Looks like you had so much fun at EVO! I’m loving all of these projects. A talented woman for sure!

  7. says

    GAH!! LOVE TAM! She’s so creative! She’s one of those AWESOME bloggers that you don’t just follow you STALK!!! AND I TOO have followed quite a few of SHELLEY’s directions!! :) Thanks Kim, you always have such awesome chicks to feature! :)

  8. says

    GAH!!! LOVE TAM! She is so creative! She’s one of those awesome bloggers that you don’t just follow but you STALK! AND I have also followed many many of Shelley’s directions! :) Thanks Kim, you always have such great bloggers to feature! :)