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Amazing how the interior design of your home can affect your comfort level. Ever since my husband bought himself me that damn 50 inch TV for Christmas, I’ve been having interior design panic attacks.  He said it was for our bedroom, but seriously………a 50 inch TV for the bedroom?  We decided to try the family room where we have one of those holes above the fireplace just for a TV (that I’ve been covering with my antique shutters)  and wouldn’t you know it…… fits perfectly…..much to my despise.  You see, I don’t want to SEE a TV unless I’m watching it. When it’s off it must be tucked away like our regular one has been in my stylish distressed black armoire.  Well no more. So I was looking for ideas in my FFF and it was meant to be that I would see this post. Even though we are currently looking into a sliding “barn door” to use, I loved this idea too.

flat screen tv over fireplace


The Yellow Cape Cod

Her interior design is for real people she says.  And I love all her ideas.  They are practical, not too difficult and really really change a room.  Her ideas had me having one AHA! moment after another.

You may have seen her fireplace during the holidays.  It was VERY VERY cute.  I’ll let you cruise her blog to find it.  It’s worth the search.

Interiors of a Room

Her fireplace makeover is daBomb! The transformation is like night and day.  Adding board and batten to the walls, painting the fireplace black……..WOW!  Love every bit of it!  I can’t believe it’s the same fireplace.

painting your fireplace

We’ve been talking a lot about paint lately……I can’t help it.  I love paint.  I love how easy it changes the whole feel of a room or item. And usually it’s SO much less expensive.  Of course I love her red door (because I too have one), but I’m mostly paying attention to her interior painted doors.

painting door red or black

She painted them black.  I have been toying around with painting ours black on the inside.  It’s settled.  Now I just have to talk my husband into it.  He’s not the one making decorating decisions around her……….obviously, but he’s the one that would be painting it.

Here’s another interior door painted black.  Love it! black painted door

Doors and fireplaces aren’t the only things shes painting. She has lovely painted furniture too.

distressing furniture painted black

I know many of you have wondered how to paint and distress furniture.  Well you’re in luck! She has a tutorial on her site for distressing furniture!

DIY Interior Design

Just another way paint can make a room……she painted a silhouette of a horse in her daughters room.  This is a great way to celebrate what your child loves, but in a stylish way.

silhouette painted on the wall

She painted her son’s room too, but what I really wanted to show you was her DIY Trundle bed.  bedroom ideas for boysWe have a spare mattress under my son’s bed for sleep overs, so we may try this if we have the clearance.   Her’s were converted from bunk beds.  She’s so smart.

OK, you know what to do……….head on over, check her out…and smother her with TCB love………don’t forget to let her know how you found her.


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  1. says

    I lived in an apartment in college that had a brilliant turquoise swinging door with a white-bordered porthole window…always cheered me up in the morning!
    YCC looks like a great website…heading on over. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Cristina says

    I’d like to know what type of black paint she is using? I redid my kitchen table and chairs in black, and my kitchen table is “sticky” now? Not sure how to finish it? Would you please let me know! Thanks, Cristina

    • Kim says

      I noticed on her site that she uses Martha Stewart Silhouette paint. She has a full video tutorial that will help.

  3. Cassie says

    I love that she painted the interior doors black! that is so pretty and makes such a statement!

  4. Suzette says

    You could always put the bed up on risers to give you the clearance. I love risers, makes it so much easier to vacuum!