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Learn to Paint with Colleen today.  I originally featured Colleen earlier and she claims that learning to paint isn’t so hard.

Painting Techniques

Hello there! I’m so thrilled to be here today while Kim is having another one of her spa days (j/k). Today’s Creative Blog is one of the first blogs I ever followed and Kim has been an incredible friend to me. So I’m happy to return the favor in some small part. My name is Colleen and I blog over at Mural Maker & More.

You might guess that my blog is about painting, which is true. I really like to teach people to paint. Especially those people who think they can’t even draw a stick figure. Do you know anyone like that? Maybe a friend? Or just maybe . . .

Ok, so let’s say your ‘friend’ wants to paint something on her wall. The single most requested mural painting, for clients or in my painting classes, is a tree.

wall mural painting DIY

So I wrote a tutorial on how to paint a basic, simple tree mural.

painting a mural

But come October, there’s another kind of tree your ‘friend’ will want to paint – a ‘spooky tree’. So simple, it’s almost funny.

You can tell her I said that, too.

But it’s Spring right now and Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so how about something that can be done in 15 minutes or less? I’m serious!

painting on glass

Dipdot flowers! You just ‘dip’ the end of a paintbrush in paint and ‘dot’ it to make flowers.

Dip a bunch of colors and you’ll, I mean your friend, will have a pretty little garden in a matter of minutes that’s a sweet Mother’s Day gift.

Another gift idea for Mother’s Day or any other is a photo of your kids in a frame. But why not make that frame extra special?

painting framesThere’s a super easy way to paint an antique gold finish on a thrift store frame, or anything else for that matter. And when the recipient acts all surprised and says that they can’t believe that you painted the faux finish, just smile and tell them how fun it was to paint it for them. I won’t tell if you won’t just how easy it was.

Have you noticed I say ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ a lot? Well, if something isn’t easy, it isn’t much fun, in my book. I can’t think of anything easier than gluing pretty scrapbook paper onto stuff with Mod Podge.

painting studio space

It’s just possible I over did it a wee bit. But I had loads of fun mod podging my craft space, grabbing shoe boxes, trays and pill bottles. Yep – “a place for everything” and all that. It looked this way for at least a couple of days too. But it still makes me smile to see the pretty papered boxes in my studio.

Something else that makes me smile is Google+. Have you heard of it? I know, I know – I’m realize I’m in the minority of people who love Google+, believe me. If you’re on the fence with it, you might wanna check out Six Reasons NOT To Be On Google+, written with creative bloggers in mind. And then, if you’d like some basic tips on Google+, drop back over here.

No painting required.

I’d like to give Kim a virtual hug for letting me hang out here today. I hope you and ‘your friend’ drop by Mural Maker & More sometime for some, yes, easy and fun paint projects!

Colleen Jorgensen has painted murals and custom paintings for over 16 years in Northern California where she lives with her husband, close to her three grown(ish) sons and the world’s most adorable grandson. When her hands aren’t wrapped around paintbrushes, they’re on her laptop where she writes about painting, blogging and Google+.



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