Mac & Cheese Recipe

We’re gearing up for a winter storm, which means Comfort Food.  Mac & Cheese!  Seriously, who doesn’t like Mac & Cheese?  Another online friend of mine, Melissa from The Inspired Room were chatting.  She told me I should look at this blog.  Said I would enjoy her blog and her wit.

How to Make Macaroni and Cheese

Kasey Buick

Yes she’s witty…….pretty darn funny.  But I’ll tell you what I’m also enjoying.  All her recipes!!  She claims to not be a good cook, but I don’t believe her.  People who can’t cook are not going to cook what she does cook when she cooks……….did you follow that?  Her comfort foods are perfect for stormy weather.

Now on her site, she says to not use her photos without permission.  Whoops.  You know what that means?  That I’m gonna need you to work some damage control. I’m gonna need you to head over and leave a really sweet comment.  Then she won’t be mad at me for writing a nice post about her and stealing using her photos.  :)

White Truffle Mac and Cheese recipe

I am SO going to try this.  I love me some Mac & Cheese!   Who uses Truffle anything unless they know what they’re doing?  I don’t buy it.  I think she can cook.  I would eat this……..I trust her cooking.

Her photos are SO good… can almost taste it.  mac and cheese

Who cares about carbs anyway…….Yum!  (I’m loving the chippy table too) macaroni and cheese

Crab Cakes Recipe-

I have never made Crab Cakes.  Never.  In fact, I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever eaten a crab cake.  I’m pretty sure I have since I lived on the Oregon coast for a couple of years when I was little.  And I’m not THAT far from the coast now.  But even if you’re in Kansas, you can grab crab from Costco like she does.crab cake recipe She has me convinced to try this.  My son loves crab and my husband loves feta cheese………so I’m covered.

Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

She is fancy…..fancier than me anyway.  I just open up a can of enchilada sauce and pour over burritos……..tada! Enchiladas!  This is why I love creative blogs, especially blogs that teach us to cook……..even if they don’t really cook.  :)

I’m going to try this recipe too.

authentic chicken enchiladas

Mini Key Lime Pie Recipe

Yes please!  Need I say more?  Probably not, but I usually do.  She has the tutorials on all these fabulous recipes on her site.  key lime pie recipeShe also claims she’s not very crafty either.  Not sure if I should believe her or not.  I did find this cute Easter project she did with her daughters Brownie troop.   Why not put a new spin on the gingerbread house and kick it up a notch for Easter?  Perfect!

Peep HousesEaster craft project

OK, cross your fingers she’s not angry with me.  I bet it would help if you all flooded her with comments.  Like at least 20!  Yea!

Holy Smokes! Get Your Craft On has almost 500 links!  It’s only open til Thursday, go link up.

A few from the {a} list.



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  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    I can totally relate to the need for comfort food. I can’t believe we got MORE snow yesterday! Yikes!

  2. debbie says

    Um…LOVE HER! THANK YOU for bringing her into my life! I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a crazy person now cuz I just commented all over her blog..ok…in 3 places..but STILL! I am feelin’ the love for this girl. And I have u to thank! :)

  3. EFY says

    Thanks for sharing all the neat sites and ideas. I’m off to look for that Mac & Cheese recipe! Blessings

  4. Charlotte Knox says

    Which I didn’t cook that well. Let me roll on over to the kitchen and try some of these (fattenin’) recipes.

  5. says

    Just checked out her blog and loved it. (And yes, I left a comment.) :)
    Gotta get some of that candy grass and make a peep house. So stinkin’ cute!

  6. says

    Yes, the joys of comfort food. My bread machine has a mind of it’s own when it is stormy. Fresh baguettes, pizza dough and buttemilk bread…. all of which are guilty of increasing my insulation factor in the form of an extra 10 pounds! Oh well…Mac N Cheese, here I come!

  7. says

    I’ve been using a good meal planning website for about 6 months now – it is saving me TONS of time, money (sanity!!) they just had a discussion in their forum that was so helpful. it was box vs home made mac&cheese. Some users had great recipes. One lady adds carrots, squash (pureed) to her mac to sneak her kids some veggies.

    sorry, i don’t remember the recipes, but the site is

  8. Patrick Del Rosario says

    I would like to try the mac and cheese,and the chicken enchilada. Looking forward for new recipes.