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How To Make a Slipcover

This girl can sew!  She can whip up new slip covers like she’s making a pot holder. slipcover directions I could have used her a few months ago when a friend of mine and myself were doing slip covers for my sofa.  My friend was doing great until I realized the color was all wrong.  DOH!  Anywhoooo, Heidi makes it look like anyone can do it. And she’s so good at sewing, she probably doesn’t realize that most people CAN’T do it.  Why are girls like Heidi NOT living next door?  I’d take her children to the zoo so she could work on all kinds of projects for this sewing challenged girl.

I met Heidi at Creative Estates in April.  She wasn’t feeling good and she was pregnant.  She had a horrible headache…… I rubbed her neck and shoulders like any nice and caring person would for a complete stranger. Kim DemmonShe probably thought I was a nut job.  But she didn’t feel like a stranger because we were all creative sisters…….right?  (I love Kara on the side…..she’s holding a baby….she’s baby crazy and was waiting to hear about adoption, which she has since adopted)  :)

Honeybear Lane

Learn to Sew

Like I mentioned, the girl has her way with the sewing machine. She has downloadable patterns for her famous puff quilt/pillow.  Her attention to detail is amazing. She even has a tutorial to teach you to sew…..I should look into that.  downloadable patternchevron projectsI LOVE that she calls this a ZIG ZAG and not a Chevron Quilt.  Come on people, seriously………Chevron is 2…….one zig, one zag.  Right?  Got it?  Somebody better tell my friend Jen at TatorTots and Jello.  Actually I think I already have…….I do like this Chevron ZigZag Quilt.  A LOT

You can see a peak at the slip cover she did for her chair next to this amazing table.  I think I read that this table was actually an old ottoman that she took apart.  You gotta think outside the box and she certainly does.  I love it.  Love the stenciling.  french side tableThis old gate she distressed caught my eye too.  Love it.  Love the moss wreath.  She shows a great tutorial on this wreath……just look under Tutorials on her site and you’ll see it.moss wreathSeriously……SHE made this!  What the what?  So dang cute!  Who walks around with this much talent?  western nursery themeJust to show off she tried her hand (pun intended) at doing a Crate and Barrel knock  off.  She was inspired to try her own.  Love how ti turned out. diy clockAlrighty!  Who will be the first to leave her a comment on her blog?  Surprise her. She hasn’t been feeling well and she had the flight from hell last week.  Go love on her.




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  1. says

    Kim!!!! What an awesome surprise!!! I LOVE that you just choose a blog to feature and don’t tell the person, it’s such a fun way to start the day! Thank you so much for all your lovely and kind compliments, and for that amazing back rub at CE! You can take my kids to the zoo anytime and I’ll sew you anything you want!! Best day of my life for sure!!! Mwah!

  2. says

    How could I have possibly not ever seen Honeybear Lane’s blog? A woman who sews her own slipcovers…amazing! What a great site. Love the clock and zig-zag quilt!

  3. Renata says

    I’m new here and want to buy a Silhouette. and saw tha 20th you offered a discount, but when I put on the site gives invalid. Is the code “TBC”? Just it?

  4. nik says

    ohgoodgolly! She makes it all look so easy! I love that she takes you step by step, even the imperfect ones. Makes me feel like I can actually DO it!
    …btw…I call it zig zag too! :)