My 5 Tips for a Happy Cat

This post brought to you by Fresh Step and Meow Mix. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been sharing a few posts about my kitty Peaches since I’ve been asked to partner with Fresh Step and Meow Mix®.

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We adopted Peaches from a shelter when she was 7 or 9 months old. I was kind of sad that my son didn’t choose a kitten because…who doesn’t want a kitten, but then I was glad she was already litter box trained, and she was pretty cute.

My 5 Tips for a Happy Cat

When she was young, she was so easy to keep happy and didn’t seem to take any extra energy other than than giving her the basics. As long as she had food, water and attention, she didn’t seem to need or want much more from us.

As she’s aged, she’s become much more needy and demanding and will meow your ear off if she doesn’t get her way……NOW! And she didn’t like me waking her for these photos.

 I thought I’d share my simple tips for a happier cat.

If kitty is happy, everyone is happy!

5 Tips for a Happy Cat

My 5 Tips for a Happy Cat |

1.  Food and Water

This may seem like a no brainer because obviously your cat needs to eat and drink. But Peaches MUST get her spoonful of wet food every morning and evening. She will not stop following you around meowing, reaching up your legs, hanging out by the fridge until she gets it. And she won’t eat just ANY wet or soft food…..she’s finicky. She prefers Meow Mix® Wet Food, so don’t even try slipping her something else. After you give her a spoonful, she gobbles it up and quickly finds her spot to take yet another nap.

She also demands her kibble bowl is full to the top with Meow Mix® Dry Food.  As far as water, she prefers to drink directly from the faucet and will jump up on the sink to let you know she’s thirsty.

2.  Clean Cat Box & Fresh Step® Cat Litter

Yea…..she’s had issues as I mentioned in my previous posts. If it’s not Fresh Step® Fast Acting litter, she’s not happy.

She loves the sandy texture and I love the fast acting odor elimination and how easy it makes scooping.  The silver lining of her peeing all over the carpet, was that I now have beautiful etched & stained (not from her)  concrete floors in my basement and I found the perfect cat litter that she prefers.  I also love the clumping because it seems to keep the litter box cleaner if we can’t seem to get to it. (basically if my son forgets to clean it)

3.  Play Time & Attention

Even though she’s getting older, she is more demanding with needing attention. She still enjoys play time, but not as long. If I don’t give her attention a few times a day or pull out the toys at least every other day, she will jump up on my desk, climb all over the shelves, etc… We recently got a fun toy that you can turn on and it entertains her for at least 10 minutes and then she’s ready for another nap.

4. Cozy Surface

She LOVES her bed and usually would never sleep anywhere else until we purchased our new couch. Of course she wants to lay on the upper corners, so I’ve sacrificed one of our throws for her comfort…..and it keep my couch a little less hairy.  She loves that throw. Thankfully.

5. Scratching Post 

Because she has claws, she needs a scratching post! And if she doesn’t have a few of them in key places, my furniture is toast. A veterinarian friend of mine told me that cats will claw to mark their territory. She said that cats want other animals to see their claw marks. She told me to place a scratching post in line with the door and one that is taller than they are since they like to stretch while scratching. Since I’ve done that, she will usually go for the post. Usually.


I hope my simple tips will help you keep your kitty happy. It’s all about loving them and giving them what they need!

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  1. jengd says

    A day in the life of our cats? Sleep, beg for morning wet food (I’m SO looking forward to the one being off his meds come June so wet food goes back to once a day!), snacking on dry food, napping after a fight about which of them gets “the” chair, chasing toys, napping on backs in the sun, reminding me that the food dish is getting empty and needs a refill, more naps- preferably out of the reach of Boy who just got home from school, begging for wet food for dinner, napping, good night. Of course, the day is interspersed with scratching post attacks and snuggles if a lap is available. :)

  2. says

    so cute! my cats spend all day in the sunroom, but they’re even happier when they can sit in the windows. when we are home, of course i do that, but when we aren’t i don’t open the windows all the way and they can only get their faces in. silly things.

  3. Joann says

    My cat wakes me up for her wet food breakfast every morning. She spends most of the day napping with an insane and hilarious burst of energy every night.

  4. Erika says

    We love our kitties! Right now we have 2 that keep us amused or torment us, depending on their moods. We actually have one of those crazy cats that likes to climb walls! Even after we put up a huge multi level cat tree she still prefers the walls, *sigh*.
    How much dust does the fresh step have? Some of the clumping litters are so dusty!
    Thanks for the fun tips :)

    • says

      I know what you mean about dust…..I haven’t been annoyed when pouring this in. So far so good!

  5. says

    My cats usually are bugging me around 6:00am to get up. I feed them and then feed myself breakfast. I usually let them outside for a supervised visit for about 30 minutes to an hour. They come back inside and sleep. Around 3:00am, they come back to life and start becoming mischievous. We usually feed them after we eat dinner. And, I usually let them back outside after we eat– around 7:00pm. This is the time I have a play session with my half wild cat, Abby. She needs to burn up her energy or else she becomes a holy terror. This is their days, more or less. :-)

  6. says

    We have 3 sleepy kitties that rule the roost! They lobe any unmade bed and love to be in the bathroom with whomever is inside!

  7. Neiddy says

    Every time I visit my grandma her cats are either eating or sleeping. Maybe I just always happen to go at their meal/sleep time :)

  8. says

    Our cat is still quite young, she still likes us to play with her. I’m bearing your advice in mind for when she’s older. Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    We don’t have cats now but always had at least one growing up. Our favorite cat, Lionel (after Lionel Ritchie :) would find the sunny spot in the house and sprawl out all day long. What a life!

  10. says

    Awww! I want another kitty so bad! Hopefully soon. Rocky loved wrapping paper and laying on anything I was about to take photos of for my blog. hee! We didn’t need toys… just put out some paper or a box.

  11. Susan Christy says

    I don’t have a cat right now, but the last one I had spent his day stealing anything he could carry. Keys, recipe cards from the kitchen counter, notes, used cotton balls from the trash….I still don’t know what he did with the stuff – never even found it when I moved.