My Legs Need Color! No nonsense color!


I love all the “What I Wore” posts from  Pleated Poppy and Lisa Leonard. They are WAY more stylish than I’ve ever been! I get so many great ideas since I feel so out of the fashion scene.  I think I lost my fashion sense years ago. Working full time in the fitness industry for years (before athletic clothing was hip) has spoiled me to always being comfortable.  My daily routine doesn’t require me to be dressed in anything other than my yoga pants.  I teach injury prevention, a stretching class to the City of Portland every morning……….early. I’m certainly not getting cute for those guys. I also teach a few classes for a national chain fitness club and the rest of the time, I’m sitting here talking to you guys. So……see?  No need to get dressed up. But when I do need to head out, I do want to look cute and creative…….put together.

No Nonsense


I’m such a leggings girl, although I only have a couple of pair.  I was thrilled to find the No nonsense tights and leggingswithout even going clothes shopping! I found them right in my local grocery store, although you can also find them at the larger retail stores too. (Locate a store)  Not only are they affordable, but they have tons of new colors and a huge variety of styles! Capri’s, Chino’s, Pockets, Denim, Cotton or Cotton shaping. I am dying to try the corduroy style, it’s the one I included in my Polyvore. This would be my perfect “work to outting” outfit.  Comfortable, stretchy………and easy! All I would need to do is throw on the stylish jacket and my hunter rain boots……..because it’s ALWAYS raining here and I’m looking good!  Then maybe I’ll post MY outfit for Lisa and Lindsey!  No nonsense will be teaming up with Style Expert Jill Martin.  Jill will be featured in a series of  online vignettes to show women how to wear the latest trends that include colored tights and essential leggings.  Can’t wait for that.  Like I said, I can use all the help I can get!  Cool video of Jill sharing her sensible advice.

You can follow No nonsense on Facebook and@benononsense on Twitter to stay up on their new products……….like the new colorful leggings!  Pssst……….the corduroy ones!!!

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  1. nest of posies says

    I love wearing leggins & I had no clue No Nonsense made them until recently. I wore some to a Christmas party with a dress & pearls. i had so many compliments, but the entire party I was so comfy! it was wonderful.

  2. says

    I so want to be fashionable and stylish but I seem to always end up looking frumpy. I see so many other women wearing cool tights or leggings with great shirts/sweaters and I want to be them! Thank you for turning me onto these because honestly, I had no idea where to begin to look for them. Now I need the shirt and boots! LOL

  3. says

    WOW, those are some great colors that they have created for everyone to choose from. They are really fun looking. I have not worn anything like these on my legs for sometime. I am a tad over weight and don’t want to look funny. But, none the less I am thinking about giving these a try.

  4. Sheri says

    This post is perfectly timed because I have these super cute winter jumpers that I’ve been wanting to wear but they need tights–purple, maroon, and forest green. I’ll be heading to a Rite Aid first chance to stock up on tights, or leggings, so I can wear something new;-) Thank you!